What is the screen overlay and how can it be removed?

There are users who have problems with the topic of the screen overlay. If this sounds like Chinese, you’re in luck because it means you’re not having this problem. But today we will see how to get rid of it and go to a better life. But not before telling you what is that of the screen overlay in Android .

What is the screen overlay?

The screen overlay is a permission that allows some apps to be shown over other applications . It is as if they have other privileges, that’s why they say it’s a special permit. And it can become very annoying.

But this problem has been seen especially in previous versions of Android Marshmallow, since from this version can be managed properly. Let’s say, it is one of the best in security of the great G. But many users are having real problems with this overlay, so much so that it has come to be considered a dangerous permit.

How is the problem eliminated?

You will only have to identify the app that is placed over another app and delete it, that simple. This will be necessary for you to put an end to this problem and for your Android smartphone to return to normal. Therefore, the steps you will have to follow are the following:

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Applications.
  • Application Manager.
  • Click on the top right 3 points / more.
  • Access the management of the screen overlay.

From this option that we show, you will be able to disable it , as well as manage the permissions of all the apps that have it. So it will be as easy as getting in here and ready, to solve it.

If it has not worked for you, be sure to delete the app that gives you problems and go, because you do not use it anyway. And it’s the most effective and fastest way to put an end to this overlay problem on your smartphone Did the tutorial help you? Are you still having this problem? It is more usual than it seems but now you can correct it.