What is GB WhatsApp and what is it for?

GB WhatsApp is an alternative application to WhatsApp and is not related to the company. So, if you use it or try it out, remember that you could be giving your data to strangers and non-certified sites.

Although at the moment there are no cases of something wrong with GB WhatsApp, the ideal would be that you take precautions and remember that “curiosity killed the cat”.

Also, using software not authorized by Google or Apple always carries a risk. In fact, there are applications within these official stores that already put you at risk.


What is known, so far, is that it is promoted as a more advanced version than the normal version of WhatsApp since it has very different options from those available within the official app. Among the options you will find:

Download themes.

Modification and customization of chats.

Be able to add Widgets and MODS.

Change the language of the application.

Modify the application font.

Clean WhatsApp files.

As for the customization of chats, the app allows you to change the color of the header of each chat to basically any color you want. In addition to being able to change the type of “popcorn” you want to see in the chat.

It is also possible to put a password to the app so that no one else can enter it. With GB WhatsApp you can change the color of the desktop icon, giving color options ranging from black and white to colors like orange and blue.