Two methods to lock apps on iPhone using password or fingerprint

“I do not want my boyfriend to see my text messages on my iPhone. Are there apps to lock access to my messages with a password? ”

Because we use our iPhone for almost everything (share, work, surf the internet), the risk to our privacy is increasing. In addition to this, WhatsApp messages, Facebook and the images and photos they send us, run the risk of being revealed if they fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore, let’s see two methods to lock our applications on iPhone and iPad, hiding our information from curious eyes.


First method: Lock certain apps by configuration (password) without Jailbreak

Specifically lock an app on iPhone using Guided Access

Guided Access is an Apple feature that allows you to temporarily lock an app or task on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

This feature limits us to use iPhone default applications, disabling others of the device.

  1. Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Accessibility”> “Guided Access” and slide the switch to On.
  2. Now in the “Code Configuration” part determine the four-digit configuration for Guided Access.
  3. After this, set the time limit for Guided Access.
  4. Go to the app you want to apply the Guided Access and press the Home button three times, select the part of the screen you want to disable and then click “Start” to lock the screen.


  1. In the options of the Guided Access, you can also deactivate the buttons of the volume, touch, movement and keyboards, in addition to defining the time limit.
  2. To deactivate the Guided Access, press the Home button three times, click on “Finish” and enter the password.


Lock certain apps with Parental Control (with password)

Parental control, also called Restrictions, is a function in the iOS system to lock certain applications.

Applications, tools and configurations can be locked with the option of restrictions:

Apps: Safari, Camera (includes FaceTime), Siri & Dictation by voice, AirDrop, CarPlay, iTunes Store, Apple Music Connect (replaces the Connect button with the Playlists list), iBooks Store, Podcasts, News, install Apps and remove apps, in-app purchases, multiplayer games, add friends, screenshots.

Configurations: Location services, contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, share location, share via bluetooth, microphone, voice recognition, Twitter, Facebook, Sina weibo, Tencent, Weibo, Advertising and Multimedia library.

How to lock certain apps with Restrictions

  1. Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Restrictions”> “Enable restrictions”
  2. Set a new password that will allow you to activate and deactivate the restrictions.


  1. If you forget the password of the restrictions, you will have to restore your iPhone and configure it as if it were new.
  2. If after the restoration choose a backup from iTunes or iCloud, this will reset the password.
  3. To change the password for restrictions, you need to go to “Settings”> “General”> “Restrictions”> “Deactivate restrictions”> enter the current password> “Activate restrictions” and enter the new password.
  4. When you activate the restrictions, some of the restricted apps will disappear (Safari, Camera, FaceTime, etc) while others will simply have limited functions (Mail, iCloud, Twitter, etc).

This may sound very convenient.

Unfortunately this is not the case, since not all applications can be locked in this way. Let’s see the second method.


Second Method: Lock applications individually with external applications

Let’s see how to use external applications to lock apps freely, as we really want.

Something to be clear, these apps for iPhone involve the Jailbreak procedure.


Lock applications on iPhone with BioProtect with fingerprint

BioProtect is a payment tool for fingerprint applications. It has an approximate cost of $ 2.99 USD.

This application allows you to lock native apps as applications installed from the App Store.

Lock applications on iPhone with iAppLock with password or pattern

iAppLock is an intruder locking app. This application can be viewed from the main screen in iOS 7 or later, with a simple interface to modify. The free version allows you to lock up to five apps.

Since you know the options to lock your apps and information on your iPhone, choose the one that best suits you.

Now, if you want to erase your data and settings from your iPhone before donating, selling or changing it, we recommend using Aiseesoft FoneEraser . This software allows you to delete any data from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad and iPod), thus guaranteeing your privacy.