Tips to charge your Android phone faster

The habits of each user with their Android phone are different. Although, there comes a time when we are going to have to charge our phone . There are times when we want the phone to load as fast as possible, and unless our phone has a fast charge, then we do not have many options. Although there are always some tricks that can be helpful in these situations.

So, here we show some tricks, but rather are aspects to take into account, to help our Android phone charge faster . So, if we have to charge the phone and we have less time than normal, try to have a higher percentage, although we can know what it will take to load the phone .

Do not use while charging

This is something that seems obvious, but on more than one occasion we can use the phone while charging, either for something short or use it normally. And this is something that we should not do, since in this way the speed at which the device is charging is being reduced . Because we are consuming energy in it.

In addition, we must also mention that there are Android models in which the phone has the ability to detect whether it is being used or not . In these cases, the speed with which the phone’s battery charges can be variable. So in the end it will take longer than it should be completed.

Unless it is something necessary, it is best to avoid using our Android phone while it is charging . We will allow the loading to be completed as soon as possible. Especially if we take into account that the batteries have not improved much .

Do not use wireless charging

Wireless charging is something of the most popular in Android, with more and more models and brands offering this option, with its specific chargers for it . But, although it is an option that is gaining presence in the market, it is not the best alternative to use when we want the phone to load fast and thus have a high percentage of battery. Since in many cases, not always, wireless charging is slower than normal.

So we will not be taking advantage of the load to its full potential, which will cause us tohurry if we leave with a lower battery percentage .

Airplane mode or off

If our Android phone does not have fast charge and we are in a hurry to get a higher percentage of battery, we can do something as simple as turn it off or put it in airplane mode while charging . Both options serve the same way in these cases, and there is a reason behind it.

As we want to charge our phone as quickly as possible, we have to reduce as much as possible the cost of energy in the phone. For this, the best way to reduce energy consumption is to turn it off or bet on airplane mode. The first assumes that it will not consume anything, but in the second we can leave it on, but preventing the phone from going to consume energy by WiFi or mobile data, or notifications that are received.

So both options are equally valid. You can turn off the phone or use the airplane mode , whatever seems most comfortable to you. But in this way, our Android phone will charge faster. Ideal if we are in a hurry.

Official charger in fast charge

If your Android phone supports fast charging, the problem will be solved easily, because thanks to it in a matter of minutes we will have a significantly higher percentage. Although, the recommendation in this case, is always to use the official charger . While this is something that is recommended in general, it gains special importance with fast loading.

Therefore, if we use the fast charge on our Android phone, use your official charger.