Steps to move apps to SD card in 8 steps

Have you ever had that? Your smartphone is your best friend and you stuff it with cool photos, apps, songs, and other shizzle. Only then is the storage space really ‘at’ at a given moment? We’ve got you, babe! You can move apps to the SD card. How? So!

All data on your phone is in principle stored on the internal storage memory. This often has a capacity of 16, 32 or 64 GB. There are also peaks, some telephones even have 128 GB of internal storage. Everything is stored here: from the operating system to your apps and from your photos and videos to apps, messages, and documents. All immediately within reach if you pick up your phone. Very handy!

But yes, the internal storage, therefore, has a limit. And what if that has been achieved? For example, because you have countless photos and videos from epic nights out and because you have stored all kinds of music and series offline. Then you suddenly have to start thinking about how to free up space again. Because a phone with a full storage memory … it cannot be burned ahead! Photos can still be moved to the cloud, but with apps that becomes a lot harder. You can better put that on a Micro SD card.

Free up storage with a Micro SD card

Inserting a Micro SD card is the most effective way to expand the storage memory of your phone muy. Fortunately, this is also possible with most telephones. Such a card is very small, but it can hold a lot of data. There are already Micro SD cards with 128 GB storage memory! And the great thing is: they are for sale in a lot of stores. You already have a Micro SD card with 32 GB for just over a tenner! These Micro SD cards fit into all telephones that have a Micro SD card input. So it is certainly not the case that there are only Micro SD cards for Samsung, for example.

Move apps to SD card in 8 steps

You already free up a lot of storage by moving apps to a Micro SD card. Certainly with games and apps with which you store a lot of data offline (for example with offline series) that saves a lot of MBs (and sometimes GBs!) In space for internal storage capacity. Now we almost hear you think: “Move apps to SD card, how do I do that?” Well, in eight steps! Good to know: this is only possible with Android phones because the storage memory of iPhones is not expandable. So we only explain how you can do this with Android.

  1. Go to the settings of your phone.
  2. Press ‘Apps’ in the settings menu.
  3. The great thing about this menu is that you immediately see how much space each app takes up.
  4. Do you see an MB stunner? Then press it!
  5. In the screen that you see, press ‘Storage’.
  6. If you have a Micro SD card in your phone, you can now press ‘Change’ under ‘Used storage’.
  7. Press ‘Micro SD card’ here
  8. Tadaaa, that’s it! Need even more storage? Eat, sleep, repeat! In other words: move more apps to SD card