State Lottery sambad investigates the disappearance of a Lugo seller

The inspection of State Lotteries and Administrations will try to determine the economic amounts that would be missing in particular from the administration number 17 of Lugo, located in the Carrefour shopping center because the owner’s whereabouts are unknown since last week. According to the initial assessment, the figure reached 91,000.54 euros, but in the last hours, as accounting is completed, the amount is already around at least 124,000 euros. This money comes from different collections, as confirmed by sources from the delegation of Lotteries of Lugo.

On Friday, January 11, two administration workers reported to the National Police that the lottery sambad had disappeared. The employees filed a complaint because they had no cash to pay customers and because, although they tried to locate the head of the administration, they did not succeed since they did not even answer the phone, police sources told Europa Press.

The amount that would be missing comes from the collection of the sale of various tickets plus 30,000 euros that correspond to the amount that Thursday was pending to pay to State Lotteries and Bets, as they have highlighted since the delegation of Lotteries in Lugo. At the moment, the National Police is waiting for the public company Lotteries to file a complaint against the head of the administration. His whereabouts are unknown and he does not respond to his relatives’ calls. The lottery sambad administration, for the moment, remains closed for non-payment. Regular customers who picked up specific numbers have to go to another administration, number 8 located on Rúa Quiroga street.