How to record games by capturing the screen of my PC

Do you spend a lot of time playing on your PC? Do you want to show the world how good you are at the controls of your computer playing Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft? Here we will explain how you can do it.

Whether you want to upload your games to Twitch  or record from the origin platform or if you have a YouTube channel and want to share your expertise with your subscribers, following this tutorial with any of the applications that we present you can get it.

If you have gone around our page, you will know that you can record the games of your games with Windows 10 without installing anything and completely free.

NVIDIA GeForce ShadowPlay

If you have an NVIDIA GTX650 graphics card or higher , you have free software that allows you to record your games and shows you on the screen the FPS and other relevant information.

It comes with the integrated Twitch service but you can only record games based on the DirectX 9 and higher libraries.

One of the curious and useful features of this application to record games is that if you want to save the last 30 seconds of your game, or 10/20 minutes, once you have played them, you can do so because they will already be recorded.

This is very useful if you have made a great play and want to capture it to share itor to see it more times but you were not recording . It will record videos of up to 4K and 60fps and you can leave it running in the background without fear of affecting the performance of the team and the game.

In addition, it allows you to apply your own filters, such as changes in color or saturation, including HDR.

Tutorial of use of NVIDIA GeForceShadowPlay to record games

  1. When you open the application it will ask you if you want to activate the “ShadowPlay” which is the function that automatically saves your game to your hard drive, if at any time you want to recover a part, even if you are not recording it, it is available.
  2. If the message does not appear and you want to activate this function , go to the settings and activate the function in Highlights Auto Capture.
  3. When you do something special in the game and you want to recover the moment you can press, even when you finish playing, the Highlights button to edit and cut those moves or any of the previous games.

Record Games with Action!

We present the first of the payment programs because we consider it to be one of the best games recording programs .

It has a fairly simple and fluid interface. It is organized in the form of tabs so that everything is in place. So, you have a tab for video, another for audio, live broadcast …

You can export the recordings to multiple video formats and record the image of your webcam for your reactions to be seen.

You will be able to add your logo so that the videos you make keep your brand and are unmistakable, and all that in HD.

If you want you can select an application so that the rest of the desktop is hidden in the images and you do not have to hide items from your desktop.

You have effects like slow motion to make more exciting recordings of your games and highlight certain actions.

How to use Action! to grind games

We’re going to show you how to use Mirillis Action! to record games :

  1. After installing and opening the application, if we click on ” Video Recording ” we will have several options to configure.
  2. We choose the recording mode : desktop, game or screen section.
  3. Also the size of the video and the number of frames per second. If it is 1080, select 60fps.
  4. From here we can activate or deactivate the sound recording of the system and our microphone.
  5. In the Sound tab we will decide the recording format of the audio.
  6. If it is for a YouTube channel, for example, and we want to add a logo to our recording, we can open the ” Corporate Brand ” tab and select the image that we want to use there.
  7. In the configuration of Mirillis Action! we can decide where they will be stored, what format and size they will have and the area that we will capture if we make a screenshot of some moment of the recording of our game.
  8. In the general configuration we will have more generic aspects of the configuration such as the language, the number of processors that we want to use during its operation, if we want to capture the mouse and even the customization of the quick access keys to various functions.
  9. It seems a lot, but it is not so much and we have reached the end. Just click on the circular screen recording button and you will have a video with the best games you can do in your games.

Record games with Bandicam

Bandicam is another of the programs that you have to try if you want to record the screen of your computer while you play.

Like almost all games recording applications or screen recorders , this program allows the capture of the game in full screen, the entire desktop or a specific region of the image of your monitor.

Screen recording in games with PlayClaw

One of the features we like most about this application is that you can put CPU or bitrate data floating on the game screen to see, for example, if the CPU overheats while you play and record the screen. You can also overlay the webcam if you want to record your reactions.

With this program you can stream to YouTube or Twitch in a simple and convenient way, so you do not have to configure anything else, besides being able to record your screen locally, of course.

The framerate can reach 200 frames per second without problems, creating a video of smooth transitions and agile movements . It is also capable of recording sound from up to 16 origins, although … I’m sure you do not have many!

How to record games with PlayClaw

  1. When opening the application we will see a window with different options, very clear, for the configuration of the program.
  2. We can configure everything related to the quality of the video, the origin or origins of the audio that we want to record, the overlays of which we have spoken to you as CPU, webcam, time, etc.
  3. If you want you can record profiles for certain games or applications so that when you want to record a game in a specific game, you just have to select the profile and all the parameters will be set automatically.
  4. When you have everything ready, you can start, pause and finish the recording with the HotKeys that you have configured.

Record games with FRAPS

For you to get used to the idea, the first version of FRAPS came out in 2004 … years have gone by until 2018 .

Of all the programs that we are going to teach you today, perhaps it is this one that has the simplest interface of all.

It manages to offer a resolution of up to 7680 × 4800 pixels with 120fps , more than enough for 99% of users.

The main drawback of this application is that it generates large files because the understanding is not good and has not been updated for years. That’s why you’ll have to have enough storage to save the captures of your games and convert them to another compressed format to share it more logically.

The appearance of FRAPS may seem old but it is still one of the best known programs for recording the screen of your games and games .

Before deciding on this program it is convenient that you try it because there are users who have reported that the performance of their equipment has come down to 13%, which can be a problem with certain games that make an important use of resources of our computers.

As we mentioned, it has not been updated for a long time so you may want to opt for another more modern application.

How to record games with FRAPS

  1. Install and open FRAPS.
  2. If you want to start recording you can use the F9 key , which seems to be the one chosen by most manufacturers.
  3. Now open the game you want to record.
  4. You will see a number in the upper corner that is the number of frames in the game.
  5. The free version will only allow you to record 30 seconds.
  6. When you want to finish the recording, press F9 again.