Going to sell your mobile? Are you going to give it to a friend or family member? If so, before putting it on sale you have to know how to delete all the data from your smartphone because otherwise you will be selling or giving away your personal data. 


Do you know how to reset your mobile before putting it on sale or giving it away? Learn step by step with this guide to erase all mobile history on Android and iOS devices.


I sell second hand mobile (but not my data)

More and more people are selling or buying their smartphone in the second-hand market. Who has not seen ads of the style “I sell Android mobile second hand, with little use, almost new” or “I sell iPhone in perfect condition I’ve only used it a couple of times” ?


Do you plan to sell your mobile? Learn to erase the history and all the data on your smartphone because if you are not giving away your personal information to the buyer or the person to whom you give your old mobile. Do you know everything your mobile stores about you? Among other things:


  • Your email account or user account in the case of Apple devices.
  • Instant messaging conversations.
  • Your browsing history and with it hundreds of data about you.
  • Your accounts or information about your profiles on social networks.
  • Photos and items downloaded in internal and external memories.
  • Data about your online payment activity.
  • Of course, your telephone contacts and your email addresses in case you have them integrated in your contact cards.

Do not think that going application by application and giving “to erase data” you are solving the problem, because those files that you delete could be easily recoverable .

Before selling your smartphone, keep this in mind and make sure you return your mobile device to the factory settings. Avoid a security problem with your personal data. Do you know how to reset and erase all the data on your smartphone before selling it? Follow these tips.


How to erase all data from your Android smartphone

Another important fact that you must keep in mind is that formatting and deleting all data from your Android smartphone is not the same as doing it with an Apple device. If you want to sell or give away your Android phone, before doing so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Is the backup option of your Android phone activated?

Before putting to erase all the data of your smartphone it agrees that you have them safe and make a back-up copy to avoid disgustos. In most Android devices this option is activated by default, but it is good to check it and activate a last backup before proceeding to erase all the data from your smartphone.

To check:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your Android smartphone.
  2. Access the General tab and the Backup and Restore option .

Once you have done it and if everything is correct, check the destination account (your Gmail account, for example) if there is a folder with the name of your device (in Drive) where all the data and contacts of your Android device.

Step 2: Delete external memories (SD)

Mobile devices have two memories, an internal one (that of the mobile phone itself) and an external one that allows us to store photos, videos or applications through an SD card that is usually delivered with the phone when it is sold (if not it is like that, you must specify it to avoid misunderstandings).


If you are going to sell your Android mobile you must eliminate all the data stored by this external memory card and for this:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your Android smartphone.
  2. Access the General tab and the Storage option .
  3. Select the option Remove the SD Card and, once inside the menu, choose Format the SD Card

Step 3: Encrypt your Android device

This step is essential when making sure to erase all data from your Android smartphone, as it prevents anyone from accessing or recovering the data stored on our smartphone and to which we will only have access through a password, PIN or unlock pattern.


Do you know how to encrypt the data of your Android mobile? Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your Android device and activate the Security option
  2. Access the option Encrypt Phone and follow the steps indicated by the system, including setting a password (make it strong with numbers and letters).
  3. If your mobile phone has an SD card, activate the Encrypt SD Card option and repeat the process.

Step 4: Unlink accounts from your Android smartphone

We continue with the process to erase all data from your Android smartphone. Now it’s time to delete our user accounts, since you activated the phone, are linked to it and, for example, you can download applications from the Play Store, receive notifications of your mail or access your profiles on social networks .


To unlink your people accounts from your Android device:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your Android device and activate the Accounts option .
  2. Select one by one each of the email accounts, whatsapp, social networks … and activate the Delete Account option.

With this step you will get a key element when erasing all the data of your smartphone: that no one knows your email addresses or your social network profiles and, in this way, can not access them once you have your hands the phone that you have sold.

Step 5: Reset the factory settings on your Android smartphone

This is the last step to erase all the data from your smartphone before selling it or giving it away. Once you have checked and you have safeguarded them with the backup copy, you have removed the contents of the external memories, encrypted your data and unlinked your email accounts and social networks, it is time to leave the mobile as when you premiered.


To reset the factory settings on your Android mobile:

  1. Access the Settings menu of your Android device and activate the Backup and Restore option mentioned in step 1 of this guide.
  2. Select the option Restore factory values and activate it.


With this process, which usually lasts a few minutes, you are sure to delete all the data from your Android smartphone and put it on sale without risk of the buyer being able to access your photos, email accounts, contacts or any other information that you keep in your mobile device


How to erase all data from your Apple smartphone

Do you have an iPhone or an iPad and want to sell it? The process you must follow is different, but the conclusion is the same: before putting it on sale you must delete all the data from your Apple device and for this you must follow these steps:

Step 1: Check backups in iCloud

As with Android, the first step you must take into account to erase all the data from your iOS device is to check that you have backup copies activated so that when you delete your accounts and data you can recover them when you need them. For it:

  1. In the Settings menu of your iPhone or iPad access the iCloud tab.
  2. Check that you have activated the Backup Copies option and the destination account for that copy.
  3. For more security, activate the option Backup Now and save all your data.
  4. In the same way, you can also make a backup in iTunes. You know how? 


Step 2: Unlink other iOS devices from your iPhone or iPad

It is common for Apple users to have multiple devices synchronized. If this is your case, you must unlink them to prevent other people from accessing them if they buy your old iPhone or iPad. If you want to unlink your Apple Watch:

  1. Access the My Apple Watch tab on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Access the My Clock tab and press the information button (an i within a circle).
  3. Click the Unlink my Apple Watch option and confirm with your user password to complete the process.

Step 3: Clear all data from your iPhone or iPad

Once we have all these steps checked it is time to delete all the data from your smartphone or your tablet from Apple and for this you have to keep in mind that, unlike Android, all the iPad and iPhone have already activated the option of encryption so you can skip this step.


To erase all data from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Access the Settings option of your iOS device and go to the iCloud tab and press Close Session or Delete Account (in iOS 7 and later versions).
  2. Press the Close Session option again and access the Delete tab of the iPhone (you will need a password).
  3. Close your accounts in the Apple Store and in the iTunes Store by accessing the Settings tab and clicking the Close Session option.
  4. In the Settings menu of your iOS device go to the General tab, press Reset and access the option Delete content and settings . You may have to enter the device password to complete the operation.
  5. Once you have entered the device codes, click on the Delete option and the process of deleting your data will be completed.

What if you have sold your iPhone or iPad but you have not deleted all your data from the device? The easiest way is to block access to your account remotely and, in this way, prevent the buyer from accessing your personal data, for this you can remotely eliminate all your information by following these simple steps.