Netflix introduces “audio only” mode to listen to series and movies

This feature helps reduce data consumption by listening to content as podcasts.

Netflix has begun offering the audio-only mode within its streaming content platform that allows you to listen to series and movies as if they were podcasts.

Netflix’s audio-only mode became known in October as a test function with which to listen to series and movies in the background, without video. Now, from Android Police, they report that the deployment of this function has begun.

This is an update from the server, by which users who already have it will be able to see a button in the player that will allow them to deactivate the video.

A new option has also been introduced in the application settings. Through it, users can set whether they want this audio-only mode to be always on, off, or on with headphones and speakers.

This mode, when removing the video, contributes to reducing the consumption of mobile data, as detailed in the description of the function, shared by the aforementioned portal.