Kerala Lottery Result Today 25.9.2020 Kerala State lotteries

Kerala Lottery Today Result 25.9.2020 Kerala State lotteries

Are you searching Kerala Lottery Result Today 25.9.2020 then you are in the right place. We update Kerala Lottery Result here on this webpage on a regular basis. We publish Kerala Lottery Result daily between 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM. You can just check your Kerala Lottery result 25.9.2020 here or also can download it. We publish Kerala Lottery Result Today in PDF and JPG/PNG format.

Kerala Lottery Today Result  

If you have purchased the Kerala Lottery 25.9.2020 ( 25.9.2020 ) ticket, you can verify your 25.9.2020 ( 25.9.2020 ) Kerala lottery result here on our webpage.

Weekly Kerala Lottery game names 

Day Name Draw Name Prize amount
Monday Win-Win 65, 00,000/
Tuesday Dhanasree 70, 00,000/-
Wednesday Akshaya 60, 00,000/-
Thursday Karunya Plus 70, 00,000/-
Friday Bhagyanidhi / Nirmal 60, 00,000/-
Saturday Karunya 10,000,000 /-
Sunday Pournami 70, 00,000/-

Kerala Lottery 25.9.2020 Result Prize Structure

The prize-winner of a lottery shall give up the prize-winning ticket inside 30 days of the draw with all the needed paperwork. Prizes as much as Rs. 1Lakh could also be claimed from the District Lottery Workplaces involved. Prize successful tickets above Rs.1 Lakh shall be surrendered earlier than the Director of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, identify and deal with the prize winner on the again facet of the tickets with the following paperwork.

1 A declare software together with a Photostat copy of either side of the ticket, self-attested.
2 Two Passport measurement pictures of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
3 A receipt for the prize cash within the prescribed kind affixing an income stamp price Rs.1/- with full deal with of the prize-winner.
4 If the prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificates from a reliable authority.
5 In case of joint claims, one of many prize-winners ought to be approved to obtain the prize cash and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper price Rs. 50/- ought to be executed.
6 Self-attested copy of the PAN Card.
7 Attested doc to show identification ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card and so forth)

Prize quantity may also be claimed by means of Nationalised, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. The prize successful ticket ought to be surrendered to the financial institution with all of the above paperwork if needed.


Kerala Lottery game is operated by the Kerala State government itself. Kerala State Lottery started this seven lottery games in 1967. It was the alternative conceived by the educator and priest Francisco Xavier Billini when he lacked financial funds to pay for the charitable institutions founded by him to help the sick, elderly and homeless children. The historical background of the National Lottery 25.9.2020s back to October 24, 1882, when the Dominican priest launched the game called “The Lottery of Father Billini”, which consisted of four-number bills called “quarts”.

From the moment of its foundation, this institution, known today as the National Lottery, was guided by regulations that sought order, respect, and credibility. First, and at the disposition of its creator, the entity was placed under the administration of a “Board of Charity”, composed of people of recognized honesty. They were thirteen members, appointed by Father Billini himself, in a will.

The first Board of Charity was formed by Simón Flatow, José Pantaleón Soler, Antonio Geraldino, Juan Geraldino, Amelio Fernández, Francisco Sanabia, Martín Sanlley, José Ricardo Roques, José María Arredondo, Gabriel B. Carranfa, Jacinto de Castro, Dr. Pedro A. Delgado, José M. Díaz, Claudio Polanco and Hipólito Billini.

Eight years later, on March 9, 1890, Father Francisco Xavier Billini died but not his work. “The Lottery of Father Billini” continued to function under the protection of the Board of Charity. In the following years, although the operation of the organization was threatened several times by different causes, it could be maintained and resurfaced to continue its charitable work. Under the direction of Simón Flatow, the Board of Charity formulated the first legal instrument of the institution. This is resolution 2958, of September 10, 1890. They called it “Santo Domingo Lottery Company”. Still, the figure of the administrator did not exist but a board of directors, headed by Simon J. Flatow and was valid for two years.

The first legal instrument of the Lottery was signed by President Ulises Heureaux (Lilis), disclosed at 47 years of Independence and at 28 of the Restoration. In the same year 1890, the Board of Directors appointed Don Antonio Geraldino as president of the Lottery. Then, the draws of the circulating bills rose to 10 tenths and a fraction of the bill called it a tenth, instead of a quarter.

Don Antonio Geraldino died in 1910. He was replaced by his son Juan Geraldino, who administered the Lottery from 1910 to 1920. During his tenure, the value of the jackpot was increased from RD $ 5,000.00 (the year 1917) to RD $ 7,000.00. Geraldino resigned when in 1920, during the American invasion, the chief of the occupation informed him that they (the Americans) would administer the Lottery and he would go on to run the offices. The Rear-Admiral of the United States Navy was Thomas Snowden.

As, by law, the Lottery could not pass into foreign hands was appointed as chairman of the Board of Directors Panchito Herrera. It should also be noted that on March 5, 1920, by executive order number 420, of the US military government, all lotteries in the country were abolished. Then they were created one in the capital and another in the Cibao.

This order established the following:

Considering: That the lotteries in the Dominican Republic are necessary for now for the support of the institutions and for the treatment and care of the sick, the poor elderly, the insane and the orphans.

Considering: That the lotteries that may be authorized to hold their draws in the Dominican Republic must be regularized and inspected efficiently.

Art. 1: On and after July 1, 1920, two lotteries will be allowed in the Dominican Republic only: one in the city of Santo Domingo and another in a city of Cibao.

Another Executive Order that must be mentioned is No. 492, 25.9.2020d June 15, 1920, which states that: “the government will be responsible for operating the lotteries.” Thus, the authority was removed from the administrators to direct the Lotteries: The Executive Branch appointed a lottery receiver, the new administrator was Don Panchito Herrera, who was replaced three years later by Agapito del Toro and Rafael Rovira.

The next administrator was Antonio Hoepelman, in 1927. In this year, specifically on June 26, Law 689, which creates the National Lottery, was created by establishing “a public income” under the name of National Lottery, which means and includes any system used in the Dominican Republic for the purpose of disposing or distributing money or other valuables, as a result of a public raffle.

These raffles would be carried out by the Administration of the same in the city of Santo Domingo with the support of the Collectives Internal Revenue in the headwaters of the provinces. ”In the annals of this institution, it is necessary to underline decree No. 890 of May 30, 1955, which transfers the National Lottery to the Ministry of Finance, under whose dependence still works.