How to win PUBG Mobile: discover the most effective tactic

If you want to last until the end of the game, we give you the most effective tactic in PUBG Mobile that will allow you to take the slowest but sure way to be a rival to take into account for the last moments.

Although you can jump directly to the area with more players in PUBG Mobile and try your luck, if you want to win the game you must take a slightly more leisurely strategy. And it is that unlike what many people think, in PUBG Mobile it is not about shooting and aiming, but knowing how to survive towards the key moments of the game, and for that you have to adopt a somewhat more passive strategy.

That is why if you want to win in PUBG Mobile you must target these combat strategies and behavior on the ground that have been ideal for us to always reach the final circle, that in which only a couple of players are left and where we appear by surprise to win the game, having been largely missing from it.

How to win at PUBG Mobile: discover the most effective tactic

Thanks to these tactics to win in PUBG Mobile you will be able to reach the end of the game with many victory options.

Land in the opposite place to your rivals

To take this strategy to the letter you must leave the main road and land in the opposite place to which most of your rivals go. So watch the flight of the plane and simply look to where the rest of the users fall, and go to the opposite zone where they have fallen less.

You fall where you are going to get resources and good weapons to face the rest of the game, so do not worry. The good thing is that when you fall into an area where there are no more players you will have your time to collect weapons, resources and even some vehicles that will serve you for later. Of course, be careful if other players have fallen by in case you have to do some prior elimination.

Search for long-range weapons

As we have adopted this strategy of stealth and passivity, you need long distance weapons. This way you’re worth the sniper rifle and assault rifles. As you have more time than your rivals, try to get grip compensators and better grips to reduce recoil and make you more accurate in shooting. Also do not forget to look for a silencer. You must leave the initial zone fully equipped to avoid problems later. Remember that you are alone and that all the booty is for you.

Find a vehicle and go little by little to the area with the most players

Well now that we are armed to the teeth and with all kinds of resources, it is time to find a vehicle to go to the area where there are more players. You will be very easy to find vehicles since being alone in this area, everything you find is practically for you. The good thing about this strategy is that at this moment half of the players have already been eliminated, and you go to the armed center up and with the best resources. Right now you are a totally fearsome player.

Try to always go through the high areas

As you get closer to the area with more players it becomes the most dangerous game, that is why it is better to go for the higher areas. This will allow you to have a better view of the terrain in front of you and also make some eliminations of clueless players thanks to your assault and sniper rifles that you have previously collected. Also, thanks to these elevated terrains, you can hide much better and avoid the bullets of the rivals. Now you are not only scary, but also you are approaching little by little from the best possible areas.

Duck, and be patient

Once you reach the final circle where only several players remain, continue adopting your passive strategy and simply look for a bush, crouch and wait. Possibly you are the player with the best sniper rifle of the game, and on top you will have armor and the best resources. Do not make the final mistake, expect the other players to commit some false move first and attack them. When they realize they will be already lying on the ground and you will have won the game.