How to use FaceApp to get older

There is no shortage of apps, filters or masks that decide to travel back in time with our photos. After Snapchat dropped a mask that creates a child version of us, there is now an app that turns us into old gentlemen. But how do you use FaceApp to get older?

The process is quite simple and does not need many steps, as happens in Dollify, another application that recently went viral. This time, just take pictures of yourself to see the result in the app.

If you’re having a hard time learning how to use FaceApp, they will end up here. We have created a detailed walkthrough about the app, which falls into the category of virtual makeup apps.

We’ll give you the right link to download the app – and thus avoid falling into dangerous apps – what you should do to get the most seasoned version of yourself and how to share it on your Facebook, Insta or Instagram Stories.

So stop being shy and learn in the next few paragraphs how to use FaceApp to show the world how old age will do you great.

How to use FaceApp: Step by Step

 – FaceApp is available on both Android and iPhone.

 – Open the app and click the Allow button  for the app to access your phone gallery.

 – You can send selfies in 3 ways: from your phone’s gallery, from your Facebook photos or simply taking a new photo. To upload a photo from the gallery, simply choose from the main page itself or access the Gallery option in the app.

 – Alternatively, you can click the Facebook  to use one of selfie posted on their profile.

 – Then simply log in with your account to access the photos.

 – Choose your photo.

 – Another option is to take a picture immediately. To do this, simply tap the camera button on the home screen.

 – Regardless of the way you choose to upload your photo, the following steps are simple. In the screen below, choose the Age option.

 – Now select Elderly.

10  – Check the result and tap Apply  to be able to download the photo or share on social networks ;

11  – Tap the icon shown in the screenshot below to open sharing on social media;

12  – Choose social media where you want to post your senior photo!

Bonus:  You can also learn how to use FaceApp to check out the older version of celebrities and public figures! To do this, simply click the Start button.