How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Before, transferring contacts when changing cell phones was a nightmare in which you had to take time out of the calendar to write hundreds of letters and numbers in the new device. Today, technology and the emergence of smartphones do the work for us. This guide focuses on teaching you how to transfer your contacts from the iOs platform to Android.However, the main steps of this guide will help you do it among other platforms.

Transfer with Gmail and iTunes

The first thing you need is a Gmail account, which makes it very easy to move contacts to any platform. If you do not have a Gmail account, you can do it quickly here. Before using your new Android phone, connect your old iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. There, look for the information tab in the menu at the top of the window. When the new menu appears after you have pressed “Sync contacts with”, select Google Contacts and enter your Gmail account there. This allows Google and Apple to update their contacts so that all names, numbers and emails from their cell phone directory are stored in their Google account.

Note: For those who are changing from Android to iPhone, simply connect your phone, navigate to the Contacts page and press “Menu.” There, select “Merge with Google”. Now, all your contacts will appear in your Gmail account.

We suggest that when entering Gmail, modify the contacts before synchronizing them with your new phone. If you already have a Gmail account, you will find that your contact list is much longer and you most likely have double entries. If there are, you will want to spend a few minutes deleting or modifying them. It is better to do it manually, but Google has a tool to join contacts that tries to do the same, but it is not as accurate.

If you want to try it, press the “more” button that has an arrow pointing down, located in the upper left corner of the screen. The menu that appears gives you the option of “find and merge duplicates” (find and join duplicates). Selecting this option will instruct Google to automatically search your contacts if there are double entries.

Transfer contacts

Once you have the contacts in your Gmail ready, it’s time to put them in your new device. If you have not touched your new phone, this process is easy. When you turn it on, it will ask if you want to synchronize your cell phone with a Google account. Simply type in your Gmail information and your cell phone will automatically put the contacts that appear in your account. We told them it was easy.

However, if you could not wait and your phone has already been switched on but you have not synchronized it with a Google account, go to the menu and select the option “Accounts and synchronization,” which will allow you to view accounts synchronized with your phone. At the bottom of the page you will see a button that says “Add account,” where you will enter your Gmail information. Once you select the Google account, you will not only synchronize your contacts, but you will also install your email on the device.

Note: For those who are changing from Android to iPhone simply take your new phone, go to Settings, select Mail Contacts, Contacts, Calendars Tab and there press Gmail. Enter your email information and your iPhone will synchronize all the contacts that are in your Gmail account.

Easy, right?

With the popularity of Google and Gmail services in particular, it is now very easy to transfer your contacts to any phone. Not only does your Gmail account synchronize your Android contacts but also Windows devices. We examine phones all the time and without Gmail the process would be extremely difficult. There are other options but if you can keep your contacts updated in your Gmail, switching smartphones is supremely easy.

Other options

Use ICloud

If you enabled iCloud on your iPhone, saving your contacts is very easy. Enter iCloud on your computer and press Contacts . On the next screen, select All Contacts at the top left and press Commmand + A to select all your contacts. Press the gear icon at the end of the page and select Export vCard . Once the new window opens, select all your contacts again with Command + A and right click on any contact. Select Export vCard , name it, and then select where you want to save it.

Your contacts will be saved as a VCF file. You can send it to yourself in an email or import it to Google. Once you activate your new cell phone -of any brand-, install your email and import the vCard of your email to download the contacts. We recommend saving the email that contains your vCard as it serves as a backup for your contact information. It is also a good idea to keep them on your desk, in case your phone suffers a fatal accident.

Download an application

If you are eager and need to transfer your contacts quickly, there are many applications that will help you make the transfer easily.

Our favorite is My Contacts Backup for iOs or Android, easy to use and quite efficient. After downloading and installing it, press Backup to have the application create a file with your contacts information. Once the backup is completed, send the document by email to yourself. When you have your new cell phone in hand, open the email and click on the attached document in VCF, which will allow your phone to import the contacts. Once finished, save the email in case you need to change the device again. The application also has the ability to make automatic backups, which we recommend.