How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups without permission

Do you remember that we already told you that WhatsApp was going to include the possibility of avoiding being added to a chat group without permission ? Well, this function is already beginning to unfold. We review how it works and everything we know about this useful feature.

Avoid being added to a group on WhatsApp

In mid-February the news was uncovered: WhatsApp would add the function of preventing you from being added to a chat group without permission but by then the arrival of this service to our phones was completely on the air and with no confirmed date. That changes from today.

The people of The Next Web have realized that this option is already starting to reach some users (it seems through the beta program of the application, although, in our case, we have not seen it activated despite being targeted. ), so it will be a matter of “a few weeks” that begins to be available worldwide for all those who have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone.

Remember that this option will offer you the possibility to decide if you want to be included in chat groups without your prior permission. So far, if someone wants to get you into a conversation group on WhatsApp, you should only have your phone number on hand and in a matter of a few taps, you will appear by surprise in the on-call chat, without any prior warning.

Soon you can go to the Settings of the application, where you will have the option to decide whether to change this. Just enter the Groups section (within Privacy ) and choose from the three options available when someone adds you to a chat group:

  • Everyone (“Everyone” in the screenshots you see in this article): anyone can add you to a chat group. Nothing would change regarding how WhatsApp is currently configured.
  • My contacts (“My contacts”): only the people you have in your contact list will have the possibility to add you directly to a WhatsApp group. Any other person with your number that is not on your list must go through to send you a previous invitation – * central image of the catches that you have a little higher – that you can reject or not – picture on the right.
  • Nobody (“Nobody”): no one can add you to a group without your prior specific consent. The person interested in adding you (whether or not you are in your contact list) will see a message that they can not add and that they should send you an invitation first. After that, you will have the possibility to accept entering the group or cancel it.

It may not seem like any drama to be added to a group without permission, but there are markets in which this practice is getting out of hand . In the same TNW indicate that in countries like India, where WhatsApp also has a high volume of users, it is quite common for unknown people to add you to groups without asking for advertising or propaganda purposes . In fact, national elections will soon be held in the country, and it is one of the ways that political parties use to send their electoral proposals.