How to send a WhatsApp message to a blocked contact

New technologies have changed the way we communicate and, consequently, the way we stop communicating. And it is just as easy to start talking to someone in an instant messaging service as WhatsApp that block it. In the beginning, this is so that the blocked contact can never contact us in this way, but is the blockade 100% irreversible?

How to send a WhatsApp message to a blocked contact

Well, the blockade itself is irreversible, but if we want to ignore the will of the person who has made the determination to block us (which we do not support or recommend) we have an effective option to do so. Let’s see below how we can send a WhatsApp to a contact that has blocked us.

How to send a WhatsApp to a blocked contact

The procedure to follow is the same in Android as in iOS or Windows Phone. The first thing we have to do is to verify that this contact has really blocked us. The easiest way to know is to open a chat with him. If we can not see your last connection time or your profile picture is a clear sign that that person does not want us to contact her.

Once we have verified it, we will need the help of a third person or a third telephone number that can be ours. Now is when the procedure comes that is so easy, it scares . And the only thing we have to do is ask that third person in discord to create a WhatsApp group and include us in it along with the contact that has blocked us.

Once the contact created by the group has performed its function, we can ask you to leave it and in this way, we can talk to the person who has blocked us without any problem, although yes, we do not rule out that this person will block us again , because after all, we are violating his will.