How to search my iPhone from Android

iOS, like Android, has a powerful tool to find a lost or stolen device. Just access “Search my iPhone” and, if the phone is on, see on a map where it is. But, what happens if we have an iPhone and do not have another iDevicefrom which to access the application? Absolutely nothing, since you can do it without any problem from an Android mobile or tablet.

The process is extremely simple , you just have to be sure that you have activated the “Search my iPhone” option and the location. In the same way, it will be strictly necessary to remember your Apple ID password, since you will need it to be able to follow the steps.

As simple as accessing iCloud

“Search my iPhone”, although it is an independent iOS app, it can also be used from the browser through the iCloud website . To do this, take any Android device you have at home (or your computer, it also works) and follow these steps:

  1. Access .
  2. Log in with your Apple ID .
  3. All your iOS devices in which you have entered your account will automatically appear.
  4. Select the iPhone and that’s it, your location will appear on the map.

If you’ve made it to step four, it’s because the phone is on, so you can also do some things to, if you can not get it back, at least prevent them from accessing it . The options that appear are “Play sound” (ideal for when you lose it at home), “Lost mode” (which completely blocks it) and “Delete iPhone”, which removes all the content you have stored inside.

iCloud is an official tool of Apple, so you can enter your Apple ID without problem

In Android there are some third-party applications that can be used for this same purpose, such as xFi Locator, but in these types of situations it is always advisable to opt for official tools , and the iCloud website is.