How to schedule WhatsApp messages to send them later

Now schedule WhatsApp messages to send them later.

You do not need to have your phone in your hands to be able to send messages at another time.

The news in WhatsApp do not stop arriving, the messaging service par excellence is renewed more and more with its new versions.Even so, some functions are not possible from the same application as, for example, the fact of programming messages. Anniversaries, saints and other events such as birthdays sometimes need a more special message and the most forgetful minds may need an extra tool so that memory does not play a trick.

In the universe of applications available for message programming there are some that only work on Android , others on iOS and others on both operating systems. One of the best known is Seebye Scheduler , this app is downloaded from Play Store and allows you to schedule WhatsApp messages at any time and on any date . For this application to access the instant messaging service it is necessary to download, in addition, the Messenger API application .




Whatsapp. ‘Scheluder’ allows you to schedule messages to be sent by WhatsApp at a selected time and date (Play Store)

When both applications are installed on the mobile device, you must access the phone settings and give Messenger API permission to enter WhatsApp, so, once Seebye Scheduler is open , clicking on the “+” symbol will allow you to program a message for any date and time you want. The application allows to organize the messages programmed by a title and, in addition, there is the possibility to write the congratulation in question or send an image.

The message prepared to send can also be undone and even programmed to be repeated at different time intervals: every minute, day, month or even annually . Of course, if the phone is switched off, the message will not be sent, it is necessary that -in fact- the screen is unlocked.

Whatsapp. ‘Scheduled’ is an iOS application that sends a reminder about the time and date when you want to send a message through WhatsApp (Apple Store)

Seebye Scheduler is one of the most complete applications but it is only available for Android. For the iPhone operating system there is another : Scheduled that, although it does not allow the sending of programmed messages, sends a reminder of the date and time chosen to send the message and, thus, the memory does not leave us on a special date .