How to schedule the sending of an email with Gmail for Android

There are times when we have to send an email on a certain day or time, either to meet delivery deadlines, or because we want that person to reach that email at a certain time, and so we do not have to wait to send an email Gmail has sent to the whole world an important novelty: to schedule the shipment .

Gmail for Android already allows us to schedule the sending of our emails so that they can be sent later, the day and time we want. This way we can prepare in the sending of our messages so that they are sent when the date arrives .

Schedule shipping

Schedule the sending of an email to be delivered at a later time to our destination is very simple. We just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gmail application .
  2. Tap Compose .
  3. Write your email
  4. Tap up on the right on the “More options” icon.
  5. Tap Schedule shipment .
  6. Select the day and time.

Gmail for Android allows you to program up to 100 emails . We will see the programmed emails in the new section Programmed from its side menu. To cancel the sending of a programmed mail we just have to open the mail and touch Cancel Shipping .

Gmail warns that the mail can be sent a few minutes before the scheduled time, and that they will be sent according to our time zone. This novelty has already reached the whole world.