How to run Android applications in Google Chrome

There are Android applications that are quite useful and that, for many, are a good solution for some tasks. But not always the dimensions of the screen of smartphones and tablets are adequate, or you do not have a device at hand to execute the development. If this is your case, we indicate how to run Android applications in Google Chrome .

There are options to be able to use the jobs to take advantage of the jobs created for the Google operating system on computers, such as BlueStacks . But if you are looking to not have to install software on your laptop or desktop computer,the best solution is to run Android applications in Google Chrome using an extension called ARC Welder .

You can download this free of charge and the installation process is really simple since you simply click on the Install button that exists on the screen that you will see on the computer and, later, wait for the automatic process to finish. start. Therefore, it costs nothing to run Android applications in Google Chrome and, in addition, the reliability is quite good in our opinion (without being perfect, of course).

Steps to run Android applications in Google Chrome

Next, we indicate what you have to do to install and run ARC Welder in the Google browser and, in this way, enjoy many of the applications that exist for Android (to achieve this, you must get the APK of the development you want on pages like APKMirror or APKPure ):

The first thing is to indicate to the development the place where you have stored the APKs , for this click on Choose and look for the folder in question. Now, to add an application you simply have to click on the button labeled Add your APKand select the desired one. Depending on the size of the file, the load will take more or less.

Park a window where you can select execution options , such as orientation, and for everything to start you must click on the Test button in the lower right. Now, you only have to wait if the offered compatibility is adequate and, if so, you can run Android applications in Google Chrome.

Thanks to the option we have indicated to run Android applications in Google Chrome, you can use applications such as Keep, WhatsApp or the games in a very simple way. And, the truth is that we believe that this is an option that is not bad to always have available if at a given time it is necessary to take advantage of it (since it hardly occupies space in storage).