How to make money on YouTube – The 7 best formulas

Do you already have a YouTube channel and what do you want to monetize or do you want to start a new one, but not only for the love of art, but also as an activity that generates income ?

Well I have good news: YouTube is an excellent option to start an online business.

Also, I think it’s very attractive option to do it: creating a YouTube channel is quick, easy and free.

But not only this, this has to add a giant audience potential . Although it’s comparing pears with apples, I’d say that, in general terms, YouTube has a much greater potential than a blog .

You can easily see this in the consolidated YouTubers: only in Hindi, there are already thousands of channels that exceed 100,000 subscribers .

We are talking about channels that, in a few cases, get millions of reproductions of their videos every month.

As you can imagine, with these numbers, the economic figures they handle are also important.

However, there is also a dark side of YouTube as an online business .

This dark side has to do with having a YouTube channel, as opposed to a website of its own, it means being in one platform of another (Google), which has very important implications, especially in regard to the risks for your business.

I’ll tell you in detail in the section on YouTube risks.

But, let us start at the beginning 🙂

How much money can be earned on YouTube?

The first thing you are wondering is how much money you can earn on YouTube .

Like almost all generic questions like this, the answer to this question is very vague: the fork goes from zero to millions of euros / dollars per year .

And the fact is that the question of how much money can be won on YouTube depends on many factors .

The first thing you must understand is that there are many ways to earn money on YouTube. In this post I give you a vision of what these formulas are, including formulas applied to other types of websites such as blogs or online stores.

There are many ways to earn money with a web page, but all have their own intricacies. Here I review the 10 most important formulas.

In fact, there are many channels (including powerful channels) who do not really exploit their potential to use only one or two of all these formulas they could use. In doing so, many would multiply their income several times.

So let’s analyze this little by little this complex question as it deserves so that you can get a realistic idea of ​​how much you can earn according to what conditions.

How to estimate the money a YouTuber earns

Let’s start with the most used income channel on YouTube because it is the most immediate and easiest : the online advertising system integrated into YouTube: Google AdSense .

This is the easiest way because it is so simple that, once your channel meets certain conditions (which I tell you later in the section on Google AdSense) is basically activate AdSense in your account, configure a number of options and run.

AdSense revenues are also the easiest to estimate income thanks to the Social Blade tool that allows you to obtain a lot of information about any user, both YouTube and many other sites such as Facebook , Instagram , etc.

If we search, for example, “Topes de Gama” , one of the most popular Spanish channels of technology, we will show, among other data, income estimates :

You will wonder why the fork is so wide. The answer is simple: because it varies a lot depending on several factors, such as the thematic niche and the country in which the video is viewed, for example.

Therefore, the tool can only make an approximation with a CPM (the amount per thousand reproductions) of between € 0.25 and € 4 .

However, you will also find complaints on the network of YouTubers of much success that report earning much less, a CPM of € 0.5 or even less .

The fact of the matter is that this is just the AdSense income and it turns out that AdSense is not a good source of income , a common complaint that you will discover if you do a little research.

In fact, the channels that really take advantage of their potential multiply this income in several magnitudes by other means (that you will know in this post).

In short, we could say that it is realistic to think that, in well-monetized channels, revenue reaches or even exceeds the top of the range in Social Blade.

Examples of famous YouTubers and how much they earn

With this that you just learned you already have to “gossip” a good time to YouTubers, I encourage you to do it with the YouTubers that you most follow

In any case, if you are guided exclusively by numbers, you will discover that the first positions in the rankings of channels with more followers are very dominated by gamers, teenagers / twenties, and children’s channels.

These channels have achieved such an audience that they are even ahead of the official YouTube channels of the television channels (!).

The income bracket that shows Social Blade for this channel moves between 17,700 and 282,500 € per month with only AdSense (!) .

But probably this is not the type of channel you want to ride (apart from being “petas” niches with a huge competition and difficulty at the moment).

As a guide, I would very roughly tell you that between 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers is where a channel starts to have the potential to generate a salary (if you exploit them thoroughly).

The really interesting and motivating theme is that there are already many thousands of channels like that in Spanish.

For that reason, I prefer to get away from the top of the ranking and go to examples of more varied and realistic channels, but which are referents in their respective niches .

According to Social Blade, this channel with about 2.5 million reproductions per month , with our previous calculation, this means about € 2,500 per month of advertising revenue.

Here it is impossible to know the income, but with an assumption of 1,000 sales (a very conservative estimate in relation to the size of its audience), we would be talking about a total of € 197,000 .

The following example comes from another very popular sector: that of fashion and Lifestyle.

Here I have chosen (rather, Raquel, my wife has chosen …) the example of Sara Sabaté , one of the best-known YouTubers of fashion and Lifestyle in Spanish:

In the case of Sara, Social Blade tells us half a million reproductions a month , which would translate into about € 500 a month in advertising.

This is not a very high number for such an audience, but in Sara’s video above you can also see that Sara makes collaborations with brands that will almost certainly mean a way of revenue far superior to that of AdSense advertising.

You can see it easily because it is quite evident in how it presents the products on its own and in the description where the links to the products are found. This, the YouTubers with visibility, like Sara, do not usually do it “for the love of art” 🙂

The links to the products mentioned in the video in the description of the video.

How much do you earn with a video like this?

It is very speculative to respond to this and also depends on the formulas you have agreed with the brand, but taking into account the level of visibility you already have, for this video, you have probably reached an agreement of € 1000 up, probably more of € 1000 .

It is also possible that the links used are affiliation links (we will see later what this means) and there is no economic agreement for the video itself, but that it collects income derived from the sales generated through these links or both ( charge for video produced + affiliation).

In your case, Social Blade tells us more than one million reproductions per month , which would translate into more than € 1000 per month in AdSense advertising revenue.

And here we also find a YouTuber that does not just monetize with AdSense income. As in the case of Sergio, he offers his own online courses.

However, in the case of Rubén he has created a catalog with different courses that correspond to the different themes within his niche that he also plays on his YouTube channel:

These courses are available through its website , but in all its videos it includes a link in the description to this website and in some it also announces them directly from the video to take advantage of YouTube traffic.

Again, it is very complicated to calculate sales figures, but with Rubén’s traffic, I see that we are probably talking, at least, of six-digit figures per year .

I also want to encourage you to compare other successful channels that could be references for a project of yours, it is a very interesting exercise.

If we compare here, for example, Rubén with Sara in Social Blade, we will see that, having at this moment a very similar number of followers, Rubén has twice as many monthly reproductions and gets almost six times more subscribers each month.

And that, at the time of writing this post, Rubén had not yet reached the 200 videos, while Sara had already exceeded 300.

I have not analyzed these cases, but at first glance, an explanation may be the nature more oriented to the formation of Rubén compared to a more “casual” content of Sara. In addition, Rubén seems to work more actively positioning on YouTube (the ” SEO “ ) than Sara.

I already advance that this “SEO” is a lethal weapon, a tremendous tool to effectively catapult the visits of your channel. Then, when we get to the corresponding section, I’ll explain why.

However, interestingly, Sara gets more viral videos than Rubén: the most popular one accumulates more than 10 million reproductions , which is followed by 5 million, etc.

On the other hand, Rubén’s most watched video counts “only” with a million views.

Something very striking in these three examples (and most of those that can be found) is also that none of them is making the most of their income potential .

For example: none of them use YouTube memberships, or similar options like Patreon .

I have a relationship with some well-known YouTubers and I have seen that there is a very simple recurring reason : they are so focused on the development of their channel that they really leave the digital marketing part in the background.

In addition, if possible, their own success fosters that attitude, their high income means they really do not need it and prefer to focus on what they like most: create new content for their channel. But come a moment, they are really leaving a lot of money on the table.

3 Conditions that you have to fulfill in order to monetize a YouTube channel

We are at a point where examples like the previous ones are no longer so special, there are thousands of channels in Spanish comparable to the previous ones with which their authors earn their living, an upward trend.

The best thing is that there is still space for new original proposals and quality.

But this does not mean that it is jauja. For that reason, I want to remind you of these three basic conditions that you will need to meet to get a YouTube channel that allows you to earn money:

1. You must satisfy a real demand

The theme you choose should have a clear audience , the bigger, better and you have to add value to that audience.

Many people assume that, if they like them, there is a general audience for that theme. Do not make this mistake, research other channels before your potential thematic or similar themes and their figures.

And, finally, it will also be decisive to what extent you can differentiate yourself from your competition with your content proposal. What reason are they going to have if not, to follow you instead of others?

2. You have to get visits to your website

It is not impossible for a YouTube channel to grow just because your content is so good that it quickly becomes popular (viral effect), but you have to be realistic: this is very difficult to do so.

The most likely thing is that you do not get this type of “pelotazos” of this style and you throw yourself years in a dry dock. This way you will end up leaving it out of frustration if you do not learn the necessary techniques to grow your channel at a good speed in other ways.

Therefore, you must learn how to grow your channel in an organic way. Then we return to this in the section on how to grow a fast YouTube channel .

3. You need motivation and perseverance

Creating a YouTube channel with success entails a lot, a lot of work .

This is not only because of the content you need to create, but also because of the learning that it involves: the technical part, the strategic part, online marketing techniques, etc.

So, arm yourself with patience …

7 Ways to make money on YouTube, its pros and cons

With the previous preparations we are already able to talk about the specific strategies you can use to earn money on YouTube.

First of all, you should also be very clear that there is no “best” formula (s) to generate YouTube revenue . Depending on the type of content of your channel and your personal preferences, there will be those that fit you better or worse for your specific case.

In order not to disperse with a thousand formulas and separate the grain from the chaff, I have focused on the seven most typical ways to earn money , the ones that most people use and which are probably the ones that best fit you.

From here, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that I explain below, you are the one who has to analyze which ones are best for you and where to start.

1. Online advertising on YouTube. Google AdSense

This is the most used way, but also one of the least profitable .

And is that AdSense advertising in Spain is paid very badly , and even worse in Latin American countries.

Now, it has the great advantage of its simplicity . Registering is a process of minutes and the rest is practically automatic. If you get a channel with many visits, still poorly paid, you will have a good income line.

But there is a catch :

YouTube requires a minimum of 4,000 viewing hours in the last 12 months and a total of 1,000 subscribers before enabling monetization options with AdSense in your account.

Therefore, until you overcome these thresholds, you will not be able to opt for this monetization formula.

2. Passive income with affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing is a formula where you comisionas for sales you get your videos .

All revolves around affiliate links and personalized promotional codes (discount coupons, etc.) that the brand provides to the affiliate.

The idea in both systems is that they allow a brand to know the web of the affiliate from which the user who has made a purchase comes from , which allows them to assign their corresponding commission.

If the user buys within a set maximum period (typically ranging from 1 to 30 days), the member will receive a commission for the sale.

On YouTube, affiliate links and promotional code go in the description of the videos . It is very typical that they are from Amazon or AliExpress , since both online stores have affiliate programs.

Many times you will see that the YouTuber warns you about it from the video itself. And it is precisely to encourage you to use them since, if you go directly to the product’s website without going through these links, the sale will not be associated with the YouTuber in question.

So you know: if you like a YouTuber (or bloggers like us …) and you want to have a gesture with the author, use their affiliation links , you will help them pay their bills and continue creating content for you, and, moreover, I will thank you very much .

In the portal you can find all kinds of interesting information about affiliate marketing and company with affiliate programs.

In the case of our blog, affiliate marketing is the income route No. 1 of this blog , far ahead of the others (which are almost anecdotal).

Commissions typically range between 5% and 50% of the product price . This last rate of 50% is usually given in digital products such as online courses, for example. In a physical product or service , for obvious reasons, it is practically impossible to reach such high percentages.

As you can see, it is a fantastic option , very easy technically and that can be very profitable .

One last very important advice : be honest; It will not only be ethical, but also profitable .

Search among the potential products related to your content (if they are not products related to your products, you will hardly sell anything) the best ones , (test them thoroughly, etc.) and recommend only these .

Here you have a “triple-win” : your audience will be happy (you have saved time and dislikes), the provider will be happy (has a sale) and you too (you have a commission).

If your affiliate marketing is like that, it will go very well for you; I speak from experience

3. Collaborations with brands. “Influencer marketing”

On YouTube, direct collaboration with brands and “influencer marketing” (when collaborators have “influencer” status ) is very typical .

And this type of marketing fits especially well with sites with audiovisual content .

YouTube is the medium that most allows you to connect with your audience and this also allows you to increase the confidence of your audience in you, which is precisely the great asset of influencers before brands.

In the broad sense, the previous formula that we have just seen, affiliate marketing is also a collaboration with brands.

But when we talk about collaboration with brands, in reality, we refer to collaboration formulas with a more direct contact between the brand and the YouTuber.

Here are some examples:

  1. Sponsorships : widely used in podcasts; for example, with a small wedge of the mark at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the audio.
  2. Product placement : it is very typical on YouTube that a brand pays the YouTuber for showing its products (a tutorial of use, an analysis of the product, etc.). It can also be applied to podcasting, although it fits better in the video format.
  3. Merchandising : the above, but more discreet; it’s about seeing the products. It may be because the YouTuber wears clothes or accessories of the brand, products that are strategically placed (on the table, a shelf in the background, etc.) so that they are “casually” in the video, etc.
  4. Generation of leads for third parties : derive leads and customers. For example: a YouTuber with a channel on car mechanics that derives customers from collaborating workshops.
  5. Collaborations in events : the influencer can help a lot to increase the audience in the events and can simply collaborate with your presence, an interview, a talk, etc.
  6. Brand consulting : becoming a brand consultant to improve your products based on the knowledge of the influence of your audience and the feedback you receive.

4. Sponsoring your YouTube channel, podcast or web page

Sponsorships are one of the “classic” ways of generating income in the business world, which have existed long before the Internet was created.

This formula has also been adapted simply to websites where it can fit: blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, etc.

Obviously, here the amount and quality of sponsors that you will find and, with it, your income, will depend a lot on the strength of your brand .

BranTube is an example of a platform that connects YouTubers with brands.

In any case, the numbers are not the only factor . If you want to attract sponsors, you must also take care of the quality of your website .

This means, take care of things like:

  • The quality of your content
  • The design of your channel
  • Your level of activity and visibility in social networks .

On the other hand, be mindful that collaborations are not going to come alone (unless you are an influencer of the important ones), you must actively look for them . If you are totally passive, it is difficult for them to appear on their own.

In this task you can be helped a lot by some platforms that put influencers in touch with brands. Here is a list of some of the most important:

5. Crowdfunding on YouTube via Patreon

Another very original idea that I highly recommend you explore is the Patreon crowdfunding platform .

It is a platform that has given a very interesting twist to the concept of donations (something that generally works very badly when you put a simple donation button on your website) and that is giving surprising results .

A good example in Spanish is that of Jaime Altozano and his YouTube channel dedicated to all kinds of music-related topics:

The page of Patreon by Jaime Altozano.

Also, a very interesting thing is that with the data you can see on your page in Patreon you can estimate the minimum income Patreon has to give you.

To understand how to do this and the idea behind Patreon, one should know that in Patreon there are two types of members:

  • The creators : they are the authors of the works (of all kinds).
  • The patrons ( “patrons” ) : the fans who follow the creators and want to support them.

The idea is that, through Patreon, the fans of the authors can access a varied series of privilegesthat the creators put at their disposal, in exchange for a periodic payment (made via Patreon).

These privileges can be all kinds of things, such as exclusive content, direct contact with the creator, etc. It is basically a matter of the author’s creativity to come up with attractive formulas for his audience.

You can establish, and it is very interesting to do, access levels (tiers) to suit all pockets.

And this is precisely also what allows us to estimate income.

In the capture of Jaime’s page, as you can see, there are 1061 patrons . With the minimum contribution of $ 2 we would arrive at a theoretical minimum of $ 2122 per month .

However, there also being higher contribution levels, it is clear that the actual figure has to be higher .

For the final calculation it is necessary to subtract a small commission ( 5% at this moment) that stays Patreon, the rest (95%) is for the creator.

A great and elegant solution for everyone involved, do not you think?

6. YouTube Memberships ( “Join” button )

YouTube are currently expanding the monetization pathways it offers to its content creators (the YouTubers). A relatively new formula are the memberships ( “sponsorships” in English).

You can recognize the channels using YouTube memberships easily by the button “join” that appears next to the channel button to subscribe , as you can see above in this post in the capture channel “The Rubius” .

Here is a small tutorial on YouTube memberships. It’s in English, but remember that you can activate subtitles with automatic translation into Spanish in the player’s configuration (the little wheel):

For simplicity, we can say that it is an idea “strongly inspired” in Patreon, although implemented in a poorer way, among other things, because in this moment, only allows a level of payments (€ 4.99).

Another important topic to analyze would be the attitude of your audience : I think it is likely that it will generate more sympathy to pay Patreon than YouTube, but this is just a subjective opinion of mine that, for now, I have not contrasted with data. Time will tell…

7. Sell your own products and services on YouTube

This last point is quite evident, that’s why I’m not going to go deep into it. We have already seen examples of them in the YouTubers mentioned above.

The product par excellence is usually online courses . And they have many advantages: they fit into many topics and, above all, scale perfectly because it is a highly automated sale .

That is, once created, the difference in effort to sell 10 to sell 1000 is not 100 times more, it is just a little bit more.

You can sell your courses directly from sales platforms, although I would recommend you to go a little further and create a dedicated website for your courses and / or a blog, with a section for your courses.

This will give you much more game and you will already have the infrastructure to do something very, very important that I will tell you below: take your followers on YouTube to your mailing list .

A key trick to dramatically increase your revenue on YouTube

In many of the monetization formulas that we have seen in the previous section, you need, or at least, you should use links in the description of the video.

The fact of the matter is this: it is vital that you can measure the clicks that these links receive . If you do, you will drastically increase your income. In a second you will see why.

Bitly’s click statistics panel.

There are many tools to measure clicks, one of the simplest ways is with an account in link shorteners that have a panel of statistics as it includes, for example, Bitly .

This is true for several reasons, but I want to highlight, above all, two:

  1. It lets you know which products work and which do not.
  2. It is a very powerful weapon in negotiations with brands.

Regarding the first point, from my own experience with affiliate marketing, for example, I can assure you that it is very difficult to predict how successful a product is with your audience. Actually the only reliable way to find out is to try and measure .

That is why, if you use links to products, it is very important to track the clicks to see how they are working, besides, they will not work the same according to the video. In short, here there is always a great margin of optimization that translates into increased income.

Regarding the second point, I can give you as an example the collaborations with brands where the YouTuber directly negotiates with the brand a price for creating a video on one of its products without making affiliate marketing.

Many YouTubers charge figures that are much lower than the true value of the video for the brand , especially if they do not yet have a great “influencer” category .

Here the key problem is that the YouTuber can demonstrate the effectiveness of their videos for the sale of the products. That is going to be what will give him strength in the negotiations, to be able to demonstrate the results he is capable of obtaining.

The reproductions of the video are an important parameter in this, but there is always the question of how many people will actually visit the brand (the “conversion” rate ). And that lack of information allows the brand to push prices down, especially if you’re a small YouTuber.

Well, if you have click statistics, break this argument, you can accurately measure the effectiveness of your video for the brand and negotiate with much more force (if your results are good).

In addition, it allows you to make agreements that are not a single payment, but a payment for clicks, for example, which can be much more attractive in the long term for you and the brand itself.

And finally, it also allows you to experiment with your videos (with different ways of referring to the links, for example) to see how to progressively increase the conversion of your links (the rate of clicks on your links).

The risk of using YouTube to earn money and how to stop it

As you have already seen, YouTube is a wonderful platform to create your own online business and, in addition, have fun doing it.

But I also told you at the beginning that being inside a platform of a third party has its dark side .

And that dark side is that the control over your audience does not have you, it has Google .

For example: unlike a mailing list like those used in blogs, you do not really have the contact of your subscribers (your name and email). Depending on what Google wants to do, actions such as notifications to new videos, for example.

This not only limits you a lot in marketing actions, but also involves a strategic risk for your business .

A closure of your account, for example, would mean losing all your subscribers in one fell swoop, literally you would have “disappeared” from the Internet from one day to the next.

To get ahead, would seriously affect many YouTube channels, many videos would be removed and would drastically lower the visibility of these channels to their audience.

How to convert YouTube subscribers to yours

The solution to this important strategic problem is to create your own mailing list which, normally, will also lead you to create a website or a blog.

It is not complicated to do, but to make it work, you need a good dose of strategy. Therefore, I recommend this post that has a section dedicated to explain how to do it well:

Getting lots of subscribers on YouTube is a must to succeed. Here I teach you about all the strategies that exist, the best ones.

Anyway, I strongly recommend creating a blog yes or yes, regardless of this issue of taking your YouTube subscribers to your mailing list.

The reason is that, even if it’s just to republish your videos as a post, you access a new audienceand add it to your audience on YouTube, with little effort.

And if you want to do really well, you can also consider actions to transcribe your videos to text to post them as posts.

How to greatly accelerate the growth of your channel

Another absolutely strategic issue that you should know is how to do web positioning (do “SEO” ) on YouTube.

Of all the roads there are, it is the most effective way to achieve predictable rapid growth .

The vast majority of YouTubers do not do SEO. That is a great opportunity for you. ✅Only with basic SEO will you pass them by like a rocket🙂

As you can imagine, although it is not complicated, it is also a subject of substance, for that reason, also here I highly recommend reading the post on this paragraph.

The most typical doubts, answered

With all that you explained you already know the keys to make money with a YouTube channel. But to top off this post as it deserves, I will also answer the most frequent on this topic.

Some of the answers you will be able to deduce from what I have already explained, however, I prefer to respond in a direct way so that there is no doubt left and also for those readers who want to go straight to the point with specific doubts.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Here you can see how you can create a YouTube channel and not just create it, but make it an attractive site from minute zero:

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy nowadays. ✅Even doing “nice” is easier than you think. Here I show you everything starting from scratch.

When do you start earning money on YouTube?

That depends on whether we are talking about AdSense advertising or other revenue systems.

To earn money on YouTube with AdSense you must have reached the age of 18 and, in addition, there are conditions imposed by YouTube that I detail in the following questions.

But if you use other systems like, for example, affiliate marketing, there is no threshold of visits, etc. to which you have to arrive.

How many visits do you make money on YouTube?

With the advertising system integrated in YouTube, AdSense, do not require a minimum number of visits, but a minimum number of viewing hours: accumulate more than 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months .

If we consider, for example, an average duration of 15 minutes of each video, for example, this would translate to about 16,000 views so that you are enabled the options of making money in your YouTube account.

As in the previous question, with the independent YouTube formulas, you do not need any minimum number of visits to start earning money with YouTube.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

If you want to use AdSense to make money with YouTube, apart from the 4000 hours of viewing, you must have also obtained a minimum of 1000 subscribers .

I would say as a comment that, if possible, this is more difficult than the 4000 hours of reproduction.

A channel can easily have more than 100,000 reproductions of videos accumulated without having reached even the 1000 subscribers, a figure that, if you do things right, allows you to have already generated a non negligible income through the other channels discussed in this post .

One more reason why I recommend not focusing on AdSense as a monetization path.

How much money is earned by reproduction?

Talking about figures for reproductions only makes sense when we are talking about AdSense advertising, in the rest of the formulas it does not make sense because the profit bracket is too broad.

AdSense is often given the reference of € 0.5 per 1000 reproductions (a CPM of € 0.5).

However, this figure, in fact, does not make much sense either because AdSense revenues vary greatly depending on several factors such as the channel’s theme and the country in which the ad is viewed.

Here each YouTuber will have its average revenue characteristics that you can see in the AdSense revenue panel in your YouTube account. Over time, it usually stabilizes a lot and will often be around € 0.5 – € 1 mentioned at the beginning.

Conclusions and final advice

The rise of YouTube is unstoppable and is already at a level that represents a spectacular opportunity for new authors who know how to create an attractive proposal with their channel.

According to Social Blade, only among channels created in Spain, more than 500 channels already exceed one million subscribers . In the range of 100,000 – 1,000,000 subscribers already number in the thousands.

As you could see, there are also a lot of formulas to make money with a YouTube channel. It is logical because we are talking about audiences so big that it is natural that there are opportunities for monetization, it could not be otherwise.

Now, my advice is to not be blinded by money . Before earning a significant amount of money on YouTube, you will have to do a lot of pre-work creating content and marketing actions (such as SEO) to make your channel visible.

Therefore, you will need a lot of discipline and a lot of patience, there are no shortcuts .

For that reason, I also advise you to choose the theme of your channel very well . Apart from being something for which there is a clear public (if it is large, better), it must be something that you like very much , otherwise it will be difficult for you to get the motivation to endure the journey without initial results.

And, finally, if, after a prudential time, you see that your proposal does not work for you, do not hesitate to change it if you have a better idea .