How to make a backup of your contacts in Android

Today we’re going to show you how to back up your Android contacts .Yes, these pass from one mobile to another when you have them synchronized in your Google account, but when you do not have them or what you want to change is precisely this account, it is a good way of not having to put them by hand.

For this reason, it is not unnecessary to save from time to time and keeping a backup copy of these contacts. Especially considering that, as you will see, the process to perform them is very simple and will only take a few seconds.

Backup your Android contacts

The first thing you have to do is enter the Contacts application . This will be in your drawer of Android applications, and will show you a list of all the contacts that you have stored on your device.

Once you are in your contact list, you will have to display the options menu that has its icon located at the top right of the application. Among them you will have the option to Import / export , which is the one that you have to choose. Depending on your manufacturer, this option can be renamed , called export, share or backup.

When you click on this option, different actions will appear. You can import contacts that you have downloaded or download them to your internal storage, but the option we are looking for now is the Share visible contacts . With it you will create a file with all your contacts and you will share it.

As you can see, once the option is chosen, you will be given the choice of where you want to save this file with all the contacts. For example you can share it in Drive, where it will be saved with vcf format. From there, this file can be moved to another site of your liking, be it a USB or a removable hard disk.

Depending on your version of the Contacts application , there is also the possibility that you will get a list without the option to share them all. In that case, press and hold one of the contacts and the application will enter the select mode. Select the ones you want to save, and when you have at least one you will see the share icon above to take it to Drive or any other application.

How to pass these contacts to another mobile

And what do you do once you want to recover these contacts? Well, very simple, you just have to pass that file that you saved before to the new mobile and run it, Android will take care of the rest. For example, if you have it in Google Drive the process is simple, just keep the file pressed and in the menu that will appear, choose Download .

Once downloaded, in the top bar of Android you will see a message saying that it has been downloaded. Click on the file, and if it does not open directly, it will take you to the downloads folder. If so, look for it in it and click on it to execute it.

When executing it you will see the list with all the contacts that you have saved in the file. Your avatars will appear, the names with which you have saved them and their telephone numbers. Now you just have to press the Save button that appears at the top right and you are ready, they will be added to the Android mobile phone book from which you have executed the file.