How to know the features or specifications of my PC

Learning to know the characteristics or properties of the PC  of the devices with which we work daily, or of the new equipment, laptop or computer that we want to acquire, gives us many advantages to make the best decisions regarding conserving our equipment, increasing its properties or Arming ourselves with arguments to obtain the one that best suits our needs.


In this article we want to present the best ways to have at hand all the knowledge of the main specifications of our PCs through some easy and fast methods:

Characteristics or properties of the PC:

Using ONLINE tools


Using Windows tools

The same operating system presents options to know the characteristics or properties of the pc. One way is by right clicking on My Computer (for Windows 7 versions backwards) or on This computer (for Windows 8 and Windows 10 versions) …


… and then in Properties. Here you will see a basic summary of the specifications of your device. Only display information about your processor , the memory RAMand the type of operating system


Another way to access the same information is using the combination of Windows keys + Pause  your keyboard:


Use the Windows DXDIAG

The DirectX Diagnostic tool is software that is present in any Windows distribution and that shows much more detailed information about the system. It also has several tabs in which it shows the characteristics of the peripherals that you have connected (screens, sound systems, and other inputs in general). To access this tool you can use any of these two methods:

  1. In the Windows search, look for the word dxdiag and give Enter then
  2. With the Windows + R keys on your keyboard, the Run tool opens. Alli put dxdiag and click on accept

The information displayed will be similar to this:


Usar AIDA Software:

AIDA is a tool that was very popular in the past known as EVEREST. This software can currently be downloaded for free for a period of 30 days. However, the trial version allows the display of a fairly complete report of all the features that make up your PC.

After installation, just go to Team / Summary . There you list all the components of your Laptop or PC and even list the URLs with the manufacturer’s information for driver downloads or support. If you want to have the summary in a text report, you just have to click on the report at the top and follow the steps to download it. In the end you can see the information of your PC even in a PDF file. An example of this would be like this:

AIDA also allows you to know all the information on your hard drive to know how much storage or space you have and the real specifications of the device. It also gives the possibility to learn more about each component of your Hardware separately:


System Information in Windows

To access the System Information tool in Windows , simply open Start and in the search part write “system information”:

When you open this, a new screen will appear in which you can see two columns, the Left will show the information by titles, and the right will show the descriptions of each one. The main view consists of a summary of all the components that make up your system (operating system, motherboard, BIOS, processor and CPU, RAM, Manufacturer, etc.)


This information can be exported in text format or even printed in PDF or physical format.