How to jailbreak iphone 7 plus

The iPhone was launched in 2007 and impressed enthusiasts of the mobile world as it was innovative in many ways.Then, in 2008, the App Store (the laptop app store) was launched and thus captured the rest of the world. The ability to “fill” the device with the most different applications has turned the device into an object of desire for many. Entertainment apps, games, image editing, productivity, and many others have taken over the App Store to make everyone – or almost everyone – happy. A well-known feature of the big Apple is that its computers and laptops are “too locked out” because the company wants to make sure that its users do nothing wrong that could compromise the grand experience. But at the same time, any system-changing application becomes completely unviable – that’s where jailbreaking comes in.

The term jailbreak means “getting out of jail”, which is nothing more than unlocking devices so you can install unofficial apps and “get away” from the App Store. The advantages are several, but until a few days ago it was illegal.

Jailbreak is now legalized

Apple fought for years against the jailbreak with the justification that doing so would greatly harm the experience that the user may have, as well as putting the security of the device at high risk. But the argument that “the person bought the device and if you want can modify it” eventually stood out.

Thus, the agency that administers copyright in the United States (DMCA) has finally changed its position regarding the jailbreak and considers it legal that the device is modified by the user. The apple company, however, maintains its position and is against jailbreak, with the claim that in doing so, the user loses the warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages

Okay, the jailbreak releases the device from Apple’s ropes, but what does this really allow? There are a number of advantages to unlocking the device: one of the most important is the operator unlocking, which we’ll talk about later.

What you add with the jailbreak are functions that do not exist in the operating system by default and allow a much greater experience with the device. For example, in IOS4 you can add application folders, but the limit is only 12 of them. With an extension called InfiniFolders, you simply end this limit.

SNES, PlayStation and Game Boy Advance emulators also shine a lot in the jailbreak world and even allow the use of external Bluetooth controls – such as WiiMote. The huge amount of themes available has always been the most successful since it was a long time since it was possible to place images at the bottom of the home screen.

Multitasking, a feature that only appeared in June for the device, was also long available to those who use them unlocked. In short, everything you can’t do on your device becomes possible with jailbreak, without waiting for the big apple.

But, not everything is flowers: the jailbreak also releases your device for possible intrusions, as it uses standardized passwords. Therefore, it is important to know how to change the system password with the use of MobileTerminal. Another downside is that, depending on the generation of your device, extensions may slow you down or cause your device to suddenly restart.

Before jailbreak

Changes and modifications to the device are always a risk, as they are not officially supported. So, nothing more correct than to be warned, right? iTunes automatically backs up your device. But, you can also prevent yourself when synchronizing your contacts, notes and other data, first of all.

That done, make sure your iTunes is in the latest version by clicking “Help” and selecting “Check for Updates”. Then plug in your iPhone 7 plus and restore it to the latest firmware. Restore completely and do not upload your backup – set it up as a new iPhone 7 plus. This is the only way to ensure smooth jailbreak.

How to jailbreak

After restoring and upgrading your device to IOS 4, you can jailbreak. To do this, connect to the internet on iPhone 7 plus and open Safari. Then enter the address “ ” and press “Go.”

Drag the “Slide to jailbreak” button as done to unlock the device on the home screen. Thus, jailbreak is downloaded and installed:

When the process is completed, a warning pops up on the screen with information that Cydia has been added to the start screen:

Go back to the application menu, there you will find it. Just open it and start having fun:

Welcome to Cydia

The app uses the standard of everything that is developed for the iPhone 7 plus and quietly separates the features at the bottom of the screen. In “Cydia” you see the homepage, the latest news regarding the jailbreak and several links. “Sections” brings categories of extensions and applications to download.

In “Changes” you can check out the latest news that appeared in Cydia, as well as update everything that is already installed (essential). “Manage” has three options: “Packages” (extensions installed), “Sources” (“sources” in which the program searches for news) and “Storage” (lists all occupied space). If you just want to do a search, use “Search”.

But, everything is not free, because there is also the “Cydia Store”. That is, just like the App Store, there are also extensions that are paid for. These extensions are listed in blue and require a separate iTunes Store listing to purchase.

Unlocking carriers

In Brazil, it eventually became a law to have the mobile device unlocked and free to use any carrier. And iPhone 7 plus allows it very simply. But sometimes operators may delay the process or the device may be “foreign.” In this case, only a software unlock will solve.

As stated above, unlocking carriers is one of the main reasons people jailbreak their devices. This can easily be done by downloading an extension called UltraSn0w.

After that, your device is unlocked. The problem is that with each firmware update made, not only does it need to be released a new release as well as a new jailbreak.


Anyway, finally, the jailbreak was legalized. Doing so is very simple and, along with it, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages. And have you ever done it on your device?