How to install or increase RAM in your laptop

About a year and a half ago I bought a laptop, among other things to be able to publish the articles in and edit the videos of the Youtube channel .

The laptop is good for almost all the tasks you did except to edit videos, which slows down a bit, so a solution would be to expand or install ram. In this way, I will get the team to go faster when loading the applications (browser, programs, when starting the operating system, …), as well as to edit videos.

Before buying the ram module to install in our laptop we must take into account several factors:

  • maximum capacity of ram that our laptop accepts, for this we must resort to the manual of the equipment or go to the website of the manufacturer and check its maximum capacity.
  • type of ram
  • memory speed (frequency) .

After taking into account the above factors, we will have the necessary information to buy the memory module we need and install it. The installation is easy to do, and it is done in a very short time. In addition, the necessary tools are limited to a precision screwdriver or star screwdriver.

The equipment was available when I bought it of 4 GB, and I expanded it to its maximum capacity, 8 GB. And the truth is that the improvement is noticeable, it is not abysmal, but it improves in the loading of programs, when editing videos, …

Note: If the laptop is under warranty, you must inform yourself before making modifications to the hardware if they could lose it.


  • ram memory module


  • precision screwdriver or star screwdriver


How to install or increase RAM to a laptop

1. Before preparing to buy the new ram module for our laptop, we must check that we have a free slot to install the new module that we buy, in addition to the type of memory, speed and maximum capacity that the laptop administers. In my case, I have 4 GB of ram installed, which can reach up to 8 GB according to the laptop manual. In case of not having the manual, we can always look for that information on the website of the manufacturer of our laptop.

2. We bought the ram memory module that was adapted to our laptop. This memory can be bought in online stores, computer store in our area …

3. We begin by downloading the possible static energy that our body may have, for this we touch some metallic object, such as a lamp, the chassis of a PC, … Then, we unplug the power from the laptop and remove the battery.

4. Next, we identify where the ram memory is stored. Normally, they usually come in two laptops on the bottom, one corresponds to the hard drive and the other to the RAM. When we have identified where the ram memory is housed, we proceed to open the cover with a screwdriver of star or stria precision.

5. Here we can see how we have a module installed and we have a free slot.

6. Insert the new module in the free slot by matching a notch that brings the module with the notch that is in the slot. Press a little until you insert the memory. Now we press down until we hear a click, that means that it has been anchored to its lateral hooks correctly.

7. We can only check that the new ram memory module is properly installed and is recognized by the laptop. For this we start the windows operating system as usual. When we have it loaded, we place the mouse pointer on «computer», press the right mouse button, now we go to properties and click with the left mouse button. It will open a window of basic information of the equipment, half screen we can see the ram installed in our laptop.