How to fix the notifications of your Xiaomi phone

Since the arrival of the phones with notch to the Xiaomi catalog, there is a problem that assaults all its users and is that they can not check their pending notifications without having to download the status bar. This is especially uncomfortable, because a notification bar does not show notifications, it makes no sense. At first, it was believed that the problem of notifications in Xiaomi would be the fault of some update , but after almost a year since the beginning of the problems, we know that this happens because Xiaomi wants.

The problem, in case you do not know, is that the icons of pending notifications do not appear in the corresponding bar. At least not continuously and is that when we get a WhatsApp message for example, the icon appears for a couple of seconds, but then disappears . The issue is that the icons of system apps can be displayed, so the cause of the problem is MIUI. Today we bring you the way to solve this problem and yes, it works for any phone (it will also work well for those who have an Oppo).

Solve notification problems on your Xiaomi with an app

Unfortunately, MIUI does not offer the possibility to display notification icons permanently (if you do not clear it), so we will have to use an application that has been created precisely to solve this defect. First of all, obviously, we must download the application in question. It is called “Notch Notifications for MIUI” and how we can appreciate it by its name, has been created specifically for this purpose.

Once the application is installed, we open it and we will have to give you a series of permissions to have access to our phone. You can give them without permission because basically it is to be able to show on other applications, the access to the accessibility of the telephone and the control of the energy, so that the system does not kill the application in the background. It does not ask for any strange permission such as access to our contacts or our call log.

Once the required permits have been granted, we can select the area where we want the notifications to be shown. We will do this either with the sliders that appear in the application or by writing the position in the form of a number. It is advisable to find the position in general with the slider and to configure the numbers until finding the exact position. With the size of the icons more of the same. Once configured to your liking, you will still not be able to see it, but when you click on the “Save” button, you will see how the notifications already appear in the marked place . If they have not remained as you wanted, it’s time to refine with the location and size.