How to enter Facebook without having to enter the password every time

There are many users who often do a deep cleaning of their browser, deleting history or cookies, having to face the tedious task to re-enter their credentials in the services they use regularly . Email or social networks, for example.

However, for this work is not so heavy, some platforms offer methods of login that do not avoid having to enter again and again our email and our password. This is the case of Facebook, which offers the possibility to access without having to enter the password each time.

Then we explain how to enter Facebook without having to enter the password again activating this option from the configuration of the social platform, if you reject the notice that the network usually send.

Entering Facebook without using the password

Many users probably know this option because it is quite common that when we log in for the first time in a browser, even if we have done it before, we miss a notice in the news feed pointing out that there is the option to remember password.

However, the easiest way to find this option and activate it is to go to the Facebook settings . Click on the arrow in the top right of the social network website, access Settings to access the options, enter the section Security and login and scroll down this page until you find the option Start session with your profile picture .

Once the option is found, we will simply click on the Edit button located on the right, it will be displayed and we can select the Remember password function . And ready, the option will be activated.

From the activation of this function, the login in the browser in which it has been activated will only be to click on our profile picture

As noted, from the activation of this function the next time you start in the same browser in which it has been activated, we will only have to click on our profile picture and we will start a session on Facebook, without having to write our password.Although it is obvious, we must bear in mind that it is not recommended to activate this function in computers and browsers used by other people , since they could access our Facebook session only by clicking.

To disable the option to enter Facebook without having to enter the password each time, simply follow the steps above and click on the option Deactivate the login with profile picture .