How to download a backup copy of all your Twitter content, including images and videos

Twitter has updated its section of Your Twitter data to offer a file with virtually all the information you can imagine about our account . You can now download Photos, videos, list of followers, list of people followed, private messages and information in a single file.

We show you how you can download all your Twitter information in a simple way, a process for which you will only need to access Twitter web and arm yourself with patience when receiving the file.

The biggest backup of Twitter

The new file that we can access on Twitter contains information related to everything related to the account. To access it, we must click on our Twitter profile image, and access the configuration section.

Once inside this section of Configuration and Privacy , you will see an extensive list with several subsections . The penultimate of all of them receives the name of your Twitter data , and it is where you must press to be able to make the request of the file that contains all your information.

Once you are in this section, you only have to request that this file be sent to you . Check that you have access to the email with which your Twitter account is linked, since this is where you will receive the copy.

After requesting our file, it’s time to arm yourself with patience. In my case (quite particular, since I have deleted much of the content recently), with a file that has not even reached the gig, Twitter has taken about an hour . An account with several years of life and its relevant tweets, could take several hours and, in the most extreme cases, up to a day, to offer the email.

Once the wait is over, we’ll see a Twitter email in our inbox. In this, they warn us that we have a month to download the data before they expire . When we give it to download , we will obtain a .zip file with all our information on our PC.

The file we will obtain contains information regarding everything we have done with our account, from multimedia content to our interaction with the ads

Within this file, we will have information relative to practically everything we can imagine. From our multimedia files to information related to the ads we have seen , and how they appear based on our interests. The files that we will have inside the file, among others, refer to the following information.

  • Account creation
  • Account suspension
  • Account time zone
  • Account
  • Ad Engagements
  • Ad impressions
  • Blocked contacts
  • Connected applications
  • Direct messages (group and individual)
  • Multimedia data of direct messages
  • Followers and followed
  • My Favorites
  • Saved searches
  • Tweets
  • Lists
  • All information related to Periscope
This is all the content that you will see in the backup

The multimedia files are stored in the classic JPEG, MP4 formats … On the other hand, the files related to our information are in .js ( javascript ) format , so we will see the information in javascript text lines . In spite of having to visualize them in this format, it is easy for any user to understand the information that is provided to us .

In this file, for example, we can see the applications that are connected to our account (Twitter for Android, iOS, Buffer …)

The weight of the files will depend on the activity we have had on our Twitter account so, as we have already said, patience if you are an active user and have been using the platform for several years.