How to create your page on Wikipedia

From the user to the user, that’s how the Wikipedia principle begins. This online encyclopedia publishes free articles that users develop and expand together according to the knowledge or information they have. Wikipedia pages frequently appear among Google’s top search results and, to benefit from this broad reach, many companies create articles. We tell you how to create a page in Wikipedia and what aspects you should take into account.

How to create a Wikipedia page in 5 steps

The fact that any user can create an article in Wikipedia does not mean that the subject matter of the article can be decided arbitrarily. The content drafted and the relevance of the subject are reviewed in detail by the administrators. To avoid that your contribution is eliminated, you must attend to a series of basic criteria during the elaboration of the article. We show you step by step how to create a page in Wikipedia.


Create an account

March easily. To do so, you have to open the Wikipedia home page  and click on the ” Create an account ” option , which you’ll see on the top right. To successfully complete the registration, Wikipedia will only ask for a username and password . Next, you must write the requested text by the CAPTCHA security check and select ” Create user account “.

Check the topic and relevance

Before starting to create a page in Wikipedia, you have to make sure that the content you plan to write about has not been previously addressed in other articles. Simply enter in the search engine the topic of your future article: if there are no pages on the same subject, you can get down to work, selecting the option ” Create “.

As important as the verification of the main theme is adherence to the criteria of relevance predetermined by Wikipedia. These are specific and detailed rules that help collaborators to determine if a topic they want to address in an article is relevant or not. In general, a person or topic will be considered relevant if it presents a timeless interest to the public. For different categories of topics, for example, social events or commercial companies, specific rules collected by Wikipedia in a separate document must be followed.

Here you will find detailed criteria for relevance to companies . For example, for Wikipedia, companies with more than 1,000 permanent workers or at least 20 branches are relevant. In the case of startups, it is considered a sign of relevance that they are pioneers in the area of ​​work they perform.

Investigate the content and cite the sources

If the topic on which you are going to create a Wikipedia article is relevant, you can start with the search for information. In this sense, it is important that you verify the content in its entirety and that you have sufficient evidence of its veracity. It is necessary that you resort to relevant sources and that in the writing of your article you mention all the sources used for its edition. If this is the first time you have taken care of creating a Wikipedia page, it may be useful to take as a base items already created.


Check before writing your article if the same content already exists in another language, it may be that much of the information is useful and you will only have to translate it.

Write the article

In principle, all registered users have rights to edit or create a page in Wikipedia. Because Wikipedia has a predetermined format, there are aspects that editors must take into account. If you have doubts about how you can create a good page in Wikipedia, in the platform you will find an assistant for the creation of articles , aimed at standard users without previous journalistic experience.

Also important, among others, are the principles of truthfulness and general understanding. Also take into account the structural requirements that you will find in the “Structure of an article” tab. The stylistic notes give a good orientation on what expressions are appropriate and required in Wikipedia. Observe the specific rules that may be determined by the subject of the article.


To familiarize yourself with the program and the way to edit texts, access the test area . Here you can “play” with the technique without having to create an account previously.

Publish the article

Once you have created your Wikipedia page, you only have to click on ” Save article ” to publish it. Thanks to the option “Show preview” you can view its structure and content before publishing it. Users who have submitted their articles will receive an automatic notification once they have been published. Previously, Wikipedia will check its suitability, making sure there are no defects. If you are notified of improvement suggestions, you should implement them as soon as possible if you do not want your contribution eliminated.


To create a successful Wikipedia article keep these principles in mind:

  • Meet the relevance criteria
  • Focus on different topics
  • Employ a neutral point of view in the writing
  • Write content based on objective facts
  • Do not advertise