How to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS? Step by step guide

The dark mode in Android and iOS mobile devices is a tool that has been implemented much more strongly in recent months. Due to this, different mobile applications have chosen to include this feature in their new updates with the aim of providing the best possible service to each of its users.

It is important to bear in mind that this night mode as it is also known provides several benefits to its users, thus avoiding greater visual fatigue and offering a more beautiful appearance in the device interface. The developers of WhatsApp have decided to implement this function in its latest update for both Android and iOS operating systems.

This new tool that will accompany the App will help improve the visualization in the mobile, especially for OLED screens, which are more prone to any damage due to the increase in contrast they use. This new news by the developers of instant messaging has been very well accepted by users, who can include this method in each of their chat. That is why here we explain a little more about what will be this new WhatsApp update and how to activate it on the Smartphone.

The new update of WhatsApp will bring the dark mode

It is no secret to anyone that WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used mobile applications worldwide, this is due to its excellent service and speed with which it works, thus allowing its users to be communicated in just seconds.

This IM App constantly offers new updates where you can add new features to your platform, allowing you to enjoy new emoticons or functions that can be integrated into the chat to make your usability more attractive.

But, it is important to mention that the use of this type of applications constantly, as well as that of the whole device can affect the eyesight causing visual fatigue , which over time can diminish the vision in the user. According to all this, different App of the market has taken the decision to go implementing the dark mode on their platform, and WhatsApp has not wanted to be left behind.

However, there is still no official version of this instant messaging update. But, if there is a way with which you can unlock this mode and start enjoying this tool so you can have a much more friendly experience with your vision.

 Steps to enable and put dark mode on Whatsapp before installing the latest version

Although this latest update of WhatsApp has not yet been released to the market, there are many users of the Android operating system who want to have this dark mode on their terminals in order to improve the appearance of the application, as well as avoid risks of visual problems in a future.

The good thing about this is that when we refer to Android, we are talking about a system that allows implementing a large number of functions without much problem, this is how this time we will have to use a third-party application to establish this mode before installing the latest version of the messaging.

It is important to mention that the App that we will use is not in the Play Store. Therefore, it will be necessary to go to the “Settings” menu of the equipment and activate the option “Unknown sources”, this will be found in the “Security” section.

In order to perform all this procedure it will be necessary to perform the following steps:

  • To start, it will be necessary to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp, which you can get through the link that we have left, 100% secure.
  • Once it has been installed on the computer, we open it and enter the phone number to access the original messaging account.
  • When you have done this you will appear in the main window of the App with all your conversations, groups and contacts.
  • The next thing will be to click on the three points located at the top of your screen.
  • There we select the option “More adjustments”.
  • Now a new menu will appear, you must choose the option “Themes” and then “Load”.
  • When you are at this point, it will be necessary to download a theme that simulates the dark mode. In such a way, that the most advisable thing is to look for and download a theme that is completely black.
  • When downloading the theme, we return to the “Upload” option and select the images we have searched for, it will automatically be loaded and we will be able to start enjoying a dark background inside the Instant Messages App

Once this is complete, the process will be finished. However, there is one last thing you can do, in case you want to modify it your way, you can customize it.

This will require you to enter “More settings” and select “Customize” there you can change the color of the balloons of notifications, the design of the conversation screen, the top bars, among others.