Google Lens on iPhone and iPad easier than ever with its integration in the Google app

Google Lens is the technology of visual recognition that Google presented in 2017 and since then it has been integrated in all possible places, from camera apps to Google Photos or Google search . Where it had not arrived completely is to iOS , where it had only been integrated into Google Photos.

Google Lens on iPhone and iPad
image courtesy: Google

The new Google Lens integration on iOS is much more intuitive and happens directly in the official Google application . The main advantage is that you can recognize objects directly from the camera, without having to take the photo before, as in Google Photos.

Google, sticking the leg in iOS

Little by little and with caution, Google is introducing itself in the operating system of Apple, trying not to notice much. Google Assistant has done it , and just after Google Lens comes, that with the integration in the Google app for iOS is finally just as easy to use as Android , more or less.

In the absence of being able to integrate into the Assistant as in Android, the next easiest thing is to add access to Google Lens to the official app. It is located in the Google bar, next to the microphone icon . This opens the camera.

From there, it’s the same Google Lens we know. You can touch the image to recognize a specific object , and you will be marked with colored dots some elements that you recognize and from which you can obtain more information.