Google (Alphabet) workers announce union, these are the reasons

The union will fight against the unequal employment of temporary workers, also seeks to be part of the ethical decisions of the company.

This Monday the “Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)” was born, the union of workers of Google and the other companies of the technological colossus. An organism that arises in one of the conglomerates that have most boasted of labor well-being and innovation in the ways of working.

In its Twitter account, AWU indicated that they have been preparing for more than a year and that there are already more than 200 employees of the company. In addition, it is affiliated with the Communications Workers of America, the largest communication and media union in the United States with more than 700,000 members.

AWU seeks to fight against unequal pay and conditions, especially to redress the injustices against temporary employees and contractors (TVC). This is why the union says it is open to all types of Alphabet workers.

But in addition to fighting for labor well-being, the union seeks to be part of the ethical decisions of the company.

“We deserve a workplace that respects us, where we can fight for a fair wage without fear of abuse and discrimination. We deserve significant control over the projects we work on and also in the direction of this company ”, said AWU through his Twitter account.

In fact, the union highlights its potential by recalling that Google employees have generated great changes when they join. For example, they managed to get the company to abandon the Pentagon’s “Project Maven AI”, and they also managed to censor the Chinese search engine “Project Dragonfly”.

The union also emerges amid the strong criticism that Google received from its employees after the dismissal of Timnit Gebru, an ethical artificial intelligence researcher who was also considered a benchmark in the defense of diversity.

Although for now AWU only has 226 workers, of the 260,000 that Alphabet has, the organization has attracted the attention of the media around the world. And it is further evidence of the emerging union movement in Silicon Valley.