Global smartphone production will grow 9% in 2021, according to TrendForce

The firm TrendForce foresees that the fall in the industry in recent months will rise in 2021 due to the demand for the replacement of mobile devices as engines of recovery.

Global Smartphone production

The global smartphone market registered a drop in production in 2020, but this year it is expected to recover and grow by over 9%, following the adaptation of consumers to the so-called ‘new normal’ created by the pandemic.

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The health crisis caused by the coronavirus led the smartphone market to see its production drop by 11% last year, to 1.25 billion units. In this context, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei occupy the top positions in production volume.

However, the situation is expected to rise in 2021, as predicted by the TrendForce firm, which refers to adaptation to the new normal and the demand for replacement of mobile devices as engines of recovery.

Specifically, it indicates that the production of ‘smartphones’ will grow 9% annually, reaching 1.36 billion units. In production volume, Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi will be at the top of the ranking.

The firm indicates that Huawei will experience a decrease in its production as a result of the commercial restrictions imposed by the United States and by the constitution of Honor as an independent entity.

With regard to 5G smartphones, the firm expects the penetration rate of this type of device to grow to 37% this year, with an annual production of about 500 million units.

These estimates follow the figures reached in 2020, which closed with a penetration of 19 percent, a production of 240 million units, and the predominance of Chinese brands, which accounted for 60 percent.

The estimates, however, are subject to the consequences that the pandemic has this year in terms of semiconductor production and shipments, as well as the new geopolitical scenario it has created.