GBWhatsapp GB WhatsApp latest apk Updated Version 9.7 with Anti-Ban

GB Whatsapp APK Updated Version 9.7 with Anti-Ban

GB Whatsapp is one of the great well-known developers made GB Whatsapp MODs for Android. If you want to enjoy the most popular instant messaging application in the world, but with exclusive features and functions, you will love it. GB Whatsapp greatly expands the possibilities and offers new functions.

There are already numerous GB Whatsapp Mods on the market, but it can be said that this is the definitive Mod since it is the most downloaded by users and has never suffered blockages. To be able to install it, you only need an Android device and 5 minutes. You can easily download the APK of GB Whatsapp and install it on your device in the blink of an eye. Let’s go!! Do not waste time!!

Key features of GB Whatsapp

As we have previously promised, below we will know all the main features for Android. We have already advanced some of them and surely you will already know some of the most important ones. However, here we have them all. Let’s see what they are:

Greater privacy of GB Whatsapp

You can hide all your conversations whenever you need to hide. No one can read your messages without your permission.

Maximum broadcasting through GB Whatsapp

you can broadcast messages to more than 600 people at the same time. In the normal version this feature is almost impossible.

No need to download media to just view it

View all the received photos and videos without downloading them. In the normal version of GB Whatsapp apk you can not do it.

Power customization of GB Whatsapp

you can use different exclusive themes to give the GB Whatsapp app a unique look. Also a good number of emoji has been added.

Bulk Send images through GB Whatsapp

Now you can send videos over 50MB and up to 90 images at once to any contact. Also you can send 100 MB of any audio file through GB Whatsapp .

Copy the statuses of your friends

Now you can take and download the status of your friends as well from GB Whatsapp . This includes GB Whatsapp images and video status.

Profile picture change notification

Whenever anyone from your contact changes their GB Whatsapp status, you get a notification. This amazing feature is added very first time in GB Whatsapp .

Change app icon and notifications icon easily

So now you can change the GB Whatsapp app icon however you wish. This is a great step because no one will know you have installed GB Whatsapp or not.

Name and date are not copied when multiple messages are copied

As the title reflects, whenever you copy multiple messages no date and time information will be copied. You can use this feature many times.

Hide the double blue GB Whatsapp check and the last viewed messages

No need to show your friends that you got their messages. Now just hide blue ticks and enjoy.

Automatic Reply

Set automatic reply for messages and sleep with enjoyment. GB Whatsapp will automatically reply to your contacts.

Disable data connection for GB Whatsapp

Now you can disable data connection only for GB Whatsapp and enjoy another app with disturbance.

Any Action on all chats

With GB Whatsapp you can select all chat from GB Whatsapp home screen and perform multiple actions.

Why GB Whatsapp :

What is so special about GB Whatsapp ? We could be talking long and hard about all the good that it brings us. However, we know that you are only interested in the best. For this, this MOD will allow you to hide all your conversations in a simple click. Thus, protecting your privacy will be easier than ever. You can make broadcast messages of up to 600 people simultaneously. Preview photos and videos without downloading them. Install new themes and much more.

Below diagram shows more information about GB Whatsapp

As we were saying, we could be talking infinitely about its characteristics. Therefore, a little further down, you will find a list with its main characteristics. Now, however, the most important thing is to know how to download GB Whatsapp and install it on your device, don’t you think? We know that many of you already have experience in downloading and installing APKs, however, many of you are new to this.

GB Whatsapp APK for Android:

Below we will explain how to download GB Whatsapp APK for Android from our servers. We will also tell you step by step how to install this MOD correctly. A priori, it may seem like a simple task, however, if all the steps are not followed correctly, errors can arise. These are not serious errors, but they are errors that could cause a malfunction of this GB Whatsapp MOD. Let’s go step by step.

To download the APK  you have it really easy. You will simply have to click on the “APK” button that you will find above. Once clicked on the button, you must wait a few seconds for the download to start. In a few seconds, the download will finish and you will have the APK file downloaded on your Android device.

Now, we will have to install the APK file on our device. For this, we will have to make sure that we have the “Unknown Origins” activated in our terminal. To do this, we will go to the Settings of our device, look for the “Security” option, and access it. In this section, we will scroll down and look for the option “Unknown Sources”. Once found, we will activate it if it is not already. This option “Unknown Sources” will be the one that will allow us to install APK files in our terminal. So, now that we have everything ready, we will simply go to the file and click on it. We select to install and wait for the process to finish. To enjoy! As you can see, this application is a whole box of surprises. With this GB Whatsapp MOD you will be able to enjoy unique and exclusive functions that you couldn’t with the official app. This is what leads many users around the world to install it and replace it with the official GB Whatsapp app. Are you one of them? Go ahead and download GB Whatsapp APK for free on your Android and start enjoying the true GB Whatsapp experience.

GB Whatsapp Requirements

  • Wifi
  • Data connection
  • Storage access
  • Contacts access
  • Location access