Eyestrain? Ten tips turn off PC light in Windows and MacOS

Looking at computer screens all day can bring health damage, but there are ways to minimize the problem to avoid famous “tired sight.” If on Android and iOS there are ways to adjust the blue brightness of the display, on computers the feature is not yet available natively – unless you use a MacBook with updated Sierra mac os or Windows 10 with Creators Update. In most cases, a simple and free program can help with the task.

Check out ten apps to download on your Windows or MacOS computer to darken the screen and save the view from excessive exposure to LCD illumination over an extended period.

10 tips turn off PC light in Windows and MacOS (Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudo)

Features work well on well-known programs and sites including social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter; and WhatsApp Web and Telegram messengers. In addition, they operate in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers, and in the Microsoft Office suite. Check out.

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F.lux adjusts blue screen light depending on the time of day

Although it does not decrease the brightness of the screen, F.lux maintains the ideal brightness for the ambient luminance by changing its hue. Throughout the day, the program adjusts the amount of light blue and green of the display, according to the position of the Sun (or light source). When it gets dark, the panel changes together and prepares you to sleep better. The application is free and has versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


Dimmer dims the screen much more than the PC normally allows 

With a Windows-only version, the Dimmer application allows you to reduce the PC screen brightness beyond the native limit. In dark environments, it is possible to leave the display with minimum brightness or to erase almost everything by setting the luminance reduction switch to 100%.


DimScreen lets you change the level of brightness with the mouse 

DimScreen is another option to darken the screen beyond what the system normally allows. Like the Dimmer, the app allows you to adjust the brightness in various light levels depending on the need, but it differs by accepting the programming of commands on the keyboard – with a shortcut, you decrease the brightness to almost zero. The application also only works on Windows.


Ghoster darkens inactive apps and has full manual control

Ghoster is an old app, but still efficient to reduce screen brightness. The program is for more experienced users who want manual controls. You can only darken what is not being used on the screen by changing the background color or by applying an image. You can also change the transparency and darken multiple monitors at the same time. The configuration is done in an unusual way, through a text file opened by Windows Notepad.


LeDimmer focuses on what matters and darkens the rest

LeDimmer offers a more function than the Ghoster and is fully automatic. It does not exactly serve to make the whole screen dark, but to focus only on what matters – the rest is erased. Unlike Ghoster, the app also dims the bottom bar of Windows, creating a complete focus environment on what matters, such as a Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint.


Backdrop puts colors and images on the Mac desktop

The backdrop is an application for MacOS ideal for those who want to draw attention away from a messy desktop. It puts a colored or darkened background under the active window, leaving the vision free of distractions. When using a dark color, the screen also becomes less luminous, ideal to use at night.


Dropcloth puts a black background to leave the dark screen

Dropcloth came as a similar alternative to Backdrop, but for Windows. When you open it, you set the background tint using the HEX color code, and choose the transparency level. Then just open the windows and have a standardized background on the PC.

Night Mode Pro

Night Mode Pro reverses page colors at night

In the Firefox browser, the Night Mode Pro extension is an alternative to leave dark sites without the usual white background of pages like Google. You can adjust the brightness level manually and activate it whenever necessary with a click of the plugin icon.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off The Lights decreases the brightness in any website

Turn Off the Lights is another similar option, which operates in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Browser, and Chrome. With one click, the entire page darkens for easy reading in a dimly lit environment. In addition, there’s a YouTube-specific mode that erases content around the video.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader allows detailed control to darken the screen

The Dark Reader also replace white with black on web pages, but it offers greater control over the tone. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and grayscale to make websites look great for reading in the dark. In addition, you do not have to rely on the mouse: with the keyboard command “alt + shift + D”, the plugin activates and darkens everything that appears in Chrome.