We show you how to download and install Android Q Beta 3 on your phone

Android Q Beta 3 is already running and you may have been bitten by the urge to try it on your phone. If this is the case, we will explain everything you need to take into account and the steps to follow to try the new version now. Ahead.

Android Q Beta 3: download and install

The Beta 3 Android Q is already among us, giving us a lot of new features to enjoy on your phone. There are still a few months until much of the public try all these benefits and is that the beta does not stop being that, a trial version with possible failures, which is not 100% stable for the “consumption” of the general population.

Despite this, accessing Android betas is quite simple. You just have to be part of the “club” and have a compatible phone. Fulfilling these requirements the rest is to sew and sing. Do not you believe it? Try it for yourself.

Compatible phones with Android Q Beta 3

Google has let us know which phones are compatible with its new beta. You must have one of them to install this version of Android on your smartphone. Keep this in mind before continuing with the process.

The complete list of phones compatible with Android Q Beta 3 is in Movilzona, but we anticipate you as well as all the Pixel, you will find some models of ASUS, OnePlus, Xiaomi (yes, at the end of Mi 9 and Mi MIX 3 5G opt to Android Q Beta ), Sony, Huawei, etc. Google has behaved and there is variety to choose from.

Download and install Android Q Beta 3

The next great past, of course, will be done with the installation package. As we have explained, for this you must be part of the group of beta testers first and once you are inside, proceed to the download, first associating your subscription to your Google account. Eye, if you previously registered for the Android P Beta program, you will have to do the same again for Android Q.

  1. Enter the Beta Program and sign in with your Google account.
  2. If you are suitable (you have a phone associated with your Google account and it is included in the list of compatible phones), a file with the image of your phone will appear on the web. Click on “Participate”, accept the terms of service of the Android Beta Program and register.
  3. Now it’s time to wait (it may take a few minutes to a few hours) to receive an update notice via OTA that the Beta is ready. This notification is similar to when you receive a system update warning – if you want to force the machine, go to “Settings” => “Updates” to manually check if there is a package ready for you.
  4. Ready. You only have to accept the download and install . When you reboot your phone you will have the Beta 3 of Android Q running on your terminal.

Considerations to keep in mind

Yes, we are very heavy, but it is important that this is very clear to you: this is a beta and therefore it is not a 100% stable and definitive version of Android. What does this imply? Well, your phone could suffer the consequences of running a system not definitive, with crashes, functions that may not go well or any other type of failure that forces you to format the phone.

Therefore, before proceeding with all the steps explained, we strongly recommend that you make a backup of all your important documents and what you want to save. Maybe, you may need it.