Dedicated and non dedicated server: Discover the difference

Dedicated and non dedicated server: Discover the difference

Do you know the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server?

In this article, we will explain everything you need to understand the difference between them. Plus, you’ll have access to shared server information and find out which hosting is best for your reality. In the end, we will still provide an exclusive bonus.

Importantly, having a quality server is no longer an option, but an obligation. And, if you want to discover the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server, you are to be congratulated for showing that you care about the performance and experience of your users, as the subject is totally tied to it.

Let’s start by explaining what a hosting server is.

So, good read!


Before knowing the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server, it is interesting to understand what a server is. Basically, a server is software or computer with a centralized computing system that provides services to a computer network called a client.

Sound confusing?

To be clear, let’s make an analogy with furniture in a home. Your domain, ie, represents the furniture in the home, and hosting is the home where the furniture will be placed. The same definition can be used for website hosting, which will cause your domain to be deposited on it and receive visitors.

It is important to mention the multi-purpose of the servers. Its features are not only used on websites. They can host diverse systems, complex algorithms, and other applications that require these features.

Now that you already know what a hosting server is, let’s find out the differences between a dedicated and non-dedicated server.


When hiring a dedicated or non-dedicated server, you need to consider some points that we will share later. But right now, we emphasize that it’s important to provide your users with high performance, security and confidentiality. So invest in a quality server for your project, regardless of the service plan you hire.


The dedicated hosting servers have more resources processing and data storage. As their name implies, they are dedicated, that is, they offer the exclusive service to a customer. As such, they ensure higher performance and performance for websites and other applications, generating more speed, stability, security and more. It’s a great choice for websites that have multiple simultaneous access and resource-intensive applications, as with the advent of technology, competitors are getting stronger and users are becoming more demanding.

And, as we said at the beginning, having a quality server reflects directly on users’ performance and experience. Therefore, it is a very important investment. Soon, we will help you choose the perfect hosting for you.


Basically, non-dedicated servers deliver lower performance than dedicated servers. It is a dedicated server, but it shares its resources with more clients.

On a non-dedicated server, if you host thousands of sites or applications that use server resources a lot, all other websites and applications will suffer performance degradation.

Why did we say “if it is”?

The fact is that there are servers that are shared, that is, that share the same resources with other users, but have a lot of quality. We’ll talk more about this below.


Choosing a server is something that should be taken very seriously, given that the quality of the server is totally linked to the performance of the site. If your project needs website hosting, you should consider what Matt Cutts, a former Google spokesman, said.

Cutts stated that Google’s founders are eager to make internet search something faster like you’re flipping through a magazine.

Now, if the purpose of your hosting is an application such as email, systems and data management, having a quality server will provide more performance and stability in everyday work.

It is important to hire a service that truly meets the needs. Provide not only the performance and data security factor but also the support of an exclusive consultancy to identify what is needed and what will be the appropriate service for the project.

Right now, having a quality server makes all the difference, because it’s not just a hosting service, it’s a “360-degree” solution, that is, thought of all aspects that involve the delivery of the service.


We’ve talked about the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server and the importance of choosing the right server, but you still don’t know which one is right for your business? So, come on!

Before you understand how to find a quality server, it is interesting to know if shared servers are for you. Basically, you need to understand how many hits your site has. Right now, we want to make it clear that it is not possible to pass this information so accurately, as each company has its guidelines and way of working, but on average, most hosting companies provide shared servers that support approximately 5,000 hits per day.

The problem is that you should not only worry about daily hits but also about simultaneous hits. Understand well, it is not possible to expose numbers in this regard, but this is the key point.

You need to know how many hits your site has and especially how many at the same time. If your project is taking a larger proportion, it may be time to migrate to a dedicated server or cloud.


If you need to consume a lot of resources constantly, such as 2TB of disk space, 30GB of memory, or need specific operating system changes, a dedicated server may be recommended for you. If you host an application or website, quality shared hosting may be the solution.

Now, if your site or application can’t go down at any time and you can’t measure the average number of hits, a dedicated hosting certainly won’t meet your needs. At this point, cloud computing is indicated as it provides scalability and redundancy.

If you are interested in knowing more about the cloud, we offer advice and support cloud computing, Amazon, Google Cloud, and Azure. Just contact us to request a consultation or ask your questions.


Of course yes!

Remember the average of 5,000 hits per day that most hosting companies make available on shared servers?

So this is the difference between quality shared servers and servers that only host websites.

Servers that host only, when the number of hits to your site or application exceeds the quota they provide, your project is taken down and a notification is made alerting that you have exceeded the limit. The problem is that this can affect job flow and user experience. Not to mention the lack of professionalism and credibility.

These companies work with server capacity at virtually the limit. They operate at approximately 90% to 95% of resource consumption because they make the same services available to an exorbitant number of sites. With this, your site will always be prone to a drop due to a peak of hits.

In a company that works with quality shared hosting, the guidelines are different. Shared servers operate with up to 50% of server resources. With this, your site can reach the approximate value of 10,000 hits per day. And if by an unexpected spike, the website exceeds this number, your site is not taken down. You are notified and will have time to adjust to the number of hits your site is receiving monthly.


Understand the difference between a dedicated and non-dedicated server? Found out which hosting is best for you? We hope so.

Remember the bonus we mentioned at the beginning of the article?

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And if there are any questions about dedicated and non-dedicated servers, we are ready to clarify them and help with whatever you need.