Check Child Lottery sambad 2019: check the list of prizes

The 2019 lottery sambad of the Child Draw has distributed 700 million euros this Sunday. You can check here the numbers of the tenths you have bought to try your luck in the draw of the day of Kings.

The Sweepstakes of the Child was held in the lottery sambad and Betting Draws hall of the State, in Madrid, at 12:00. Among the gracious tenths, the first prize of 200,000 euros is distributed to the tenth (two million euros to the series). This has fallen to 37142. The second prize, endowed with 75,000 euros to the tenth (750,000 euros to the series), has been for the number 61776, and the third prize, from 25,000 euros to the tenth (250,000 to the series), for the number 20148.

The draw for the Children’s lottery sambad , in force since 1941, where a prize of 50,000 pesetas was distributed to the tenth, became an extraordinary draw since 1942 and is the second opportunity to try their luck with the prizes, after the last Christmas lottery sambad December 22, where the fat man fell to the number 03347 and distributed a total of 4 million euros to the series.

61776: a second prize very distributed

The number has been distributed in 60 points of the Spanish geography

20148: the third, to Sabadell

The tenths have been sold entirely in the administration number 1 of Sabadell, in Barcelona

Cosmin, 15, wins the first prize: “I will buy something for my parents”

The young person may not collect the tenth personally because it is forbidden for minors to play the lottery sambad and must be accompanied by their parents.

How, where and when to collect my prizes for the lottery sambad of the Child raffle

If you have been awarded a prize in the lottery sambad, there are a number of rules when it comes to collecting that money.

The draw and celebrations, in pictures

The best photos of the draw celebrations.

20 curiosities of the Child Draw

The first official edition was held in 1941, but in the 19th century, there were already lottery sambad games dedicated to the Child to raise money in charitable causes.

All places where the first prize of the Children’s lottery sambad has fallen in the past

Consult the graceful locations since 1941, the year of the first draw, to 2018.