CES 2021 : Everything You Can Expect

CES 2021 will take place online on January 11, 12, 13 and 14. We tell you all the news in the world of technology.

As you surely know, CES is one of the most important technology shows in the world. Every year it takes place in the city of Las Vegas, in the United States, and reveals news and new products that will set the trends in the world of technology.

However, this 2021, the CES event will take place for the first time in its history exclusively online. The reason, you guessed it: the global pandemic.

And although it will surely not be the same as living it in person, the different media will be able to access all the presentations and talks online. Technology continues to advance despite the virus.

This year, the event will be held on January 11, 12, 13 and 14. Brands such as Lenovo, LG, Bosch or TCL, among many others, will discover all the news to come.

The most important of the CES 2021 fair

The star themes of the fair promise to be focused on the digitization of health, something that we could expect after almost a whole year of pandemic. In this way, technology has focused on being useful to be of help in the situation that Covid-19 is making us live.

Technology has put the batteries, and we will therefore see programs and devices capable of predicting how many ICU beds will be needed and even detecting respiratory problems or coughing when listening to you speak.

We will find conferences dedicated exclusively to the importance of technology in health and how it can be used to fight future pandemics.

On the other hand, 8K technology in screens and televisions will take on special importance. We will see LG, Sony and Samsung, leading brands in this field, present the thinnest screens seen to date.

Let’s not forget that LG introduced a rolling screen in 2019. We will find out this year if your bet for 2021 is focused in that direction. We also know that Samsung is interested in giving its customers a greater voice when it comes to customizing their television.

The artificial intelligence always plays an important role in CES, and this year would be different. More than 500 companies have worked to present advances in the matter this year.

In the same way, we will continue to see advances in 5G technology, something that began in 2019 but has not yet taken the expected strength in countries like Spain.

At CES 2021 we will see different mobile phone companies give us demonstrations on all the news that will be incorporated into our mobile devices thanks to 5G.