The correct way to clean the smartphone screen

The cell phone screen is one of the most polluted and dirty surfaces that we come in contact with on a daily basis. Think about it How many times do you touch the screen with dirty hands? o How many times does the cell phone lend to strangers or their children who are generally not careful with … Read more

How to fix the notifications of your Xiaomi phone

Since the arrival of the phones with notch to the Xiaomi catalog, there is a problem that assaults all its users and is that they can not check their pending notifications without having to download the status bar. This is especially uncomfortable, because a notification bar does not show notifications, it makes no sense. At first, it was … Read more

How to test and install Android P on your Google Pixel

Finally, the new version of the operating system is available and although only a few users in the world can try it, we are all interested in news. We’ve already told you everything that changes in Android P with respect to Android O and now it’s time to go deep so that all users of a Google Pixel can try … Read more

Google Lens on iPhone and iPad easier than ever with its integration in the Google app

Google Lens is the technology of visual recognition that Google presented in 2017 and since then it has been integrated in all possible places, from camera apps to Google Photos or Google search . Where it had not arrived completely is to iOS , where it had only been integrated into Google Photos. The new Google Lens integration on iOS is much more intuitive and happens … Read more

How to send a WhatsApp message to a blocked contact

New technologies have changed the way we communicate and, consequently, the way we stop communicating. And it is just as easy to start talking to someone in an instant messaging service as WhatsApp that block it. In the beginning, this is so that the blocked contact can never contact us in this way, but is the blockade 100% irreversible? … Read more

How to schedule WhatsApp messages to send them later

Now schedule WhatsApp messages to send them later. You do not need to have your phone in your hands to be able to send messages at another time. The news in WhatsApp do not stop arriving, the messaging service par excellence is renewed more and more with its new versions.Even so, some functions are not possible from the same … Read more

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Before, transferring contacts when changing cell phones was a nightmare in which you had to take time out of the calendar to write hundreds of letters and numbers in the new device. Today, technology and the emergence of smartphones do the work for us. This guide focuses on teaching you … Read more

5 tricks to charge the iPhone faster

  If you have little time and would like to charge the iPhone faster, you have at your fingertips some tricks to accelerate the battery charge. Take note! Currently, many Android phones have fast charging technology that allow half the battery to be completed in record time. However, it is not yet available in current iPhone models, … Read more

How to stop people from adding you to WhatsApp Groups without permission

Do you remember that we already told you that WhatsApp was going to include the possibility of avoiding being added to a chat group without permission ? Well, this function is already beginning to unfold. We review how it works and everything we know about this useful feature. Avoid being added to a group on WhatsApp In mid-February the news was uncovered: WhatsApp … Read more

How to extend the autonomy of your Android to the maximum

The batteries of smartphones are, unfortunately, one of the components that have evolved least with the passage of time , because there are few devices that, hopefully, can offer a use of about two days. Although as in everything, there are always exceptions, of course. Therefore, from Andro4all, we want to help you try to extend the autonomy of … Read more