What is GB WhatsApp and what is it for?

GB WhatsApp is an alternative application to WhatsApp and is not related to the company. So, if you use it or try it out, remember that you could be giving your data to strangers and non-certified sites. Although at the moment there are no cases of something wrong with GB WhatsApp, the ideal would be … Read more

Dedicated and non dedicated server: Discover the difference

Dedicated and non dedicated server: Discover the difference Do you know the difference between dedicated and non-dedicated server? In this article, we will explain everything you need to understand the difference between them. Plus, you’ll have access to shared server information and find out which hosting is best for your reality. In the end, we will still … Read more

What is the difference between Pal and NTSC?

TV broadcasting technology is more complex than people realize. There are systems and standards necessary for television to work the way we are used to, and these procedures may differ from country to country. Differences between PAL and NTSC System To know the difference between these two transmission systems it is convenient to present the history … Read more

Hotmail login Hotmail sign in Hotmail login account help

Hotmail login Hotmail sign in Hotmail login account help If you already have an account activated and want to log in to Hotmail you just have to follow a few simple steps . How to log in to Hotmail To connect to your Hotmail mailbox, you must first go to the following address:  https://outlook.live.com When we are … Read more

How to activate the dark mode of WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS? Step by step guide

The dark mode in Android and iOS mobile devices is a tool that has been implemented much more strongly in recent months. Due to this, different mobile applications have chosen to include this feature in their new updates with the aim of providing the best possible service to each of its users. It is important to bear in mind … Read more

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is an obscure part of the global web that is not accessible through normal browsers and search engines. It is primarily known as a place where criminals do their business. Yet the dark web also has positive sides. Here you can read everything about what the dark web is and how you can get there. … Read more

Why Facebook never made an Android phone

The Facebook app is installed on millions of Android smartphones. It, therefore, seems logical to make your own telephone, but so far that has not happened. A new report shows how the unrest within the company has caused this. Why Facebook didn’t make an Android smartphone Thanks to all the privacy scandals, Facebook’s image is nowhere near fresh, but the situation … Read more