How to know which messaging apps your contacts use on Android

We are going to explain how you can know which messaging apps each of your contacts use, something for which we are going to use a new Android application called DM Me. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, there are more and more messaging apps, and sometimes it is difficult to put an order without having to enter one and another to … Read more

How to delete your WhatsApp account completely and forever

We are going to explain how to delete your WhatsApp account completely and forever so that if you want to say goodbye to the Facebook messaging application, you know all the steps to take. Today there are many alternatives to WhatsApp, such as Telegram or Signal, and if any of them have convinced you enough to be willing to delete WhatsApp, … Read more

What is HTML5 and what’s new it offers

We are going to explain to you what exactly HTML5 is, which has progressively become one of the fundamental pieces of all web pages. It is a technology that in recent years has been gaining increasing importance and that now becomes the undisputed protagonist after the end of support for Flash Player. If you are browsing the … Read more

Telnet: what it is and how to activate it in Windows 10

We are going to explain what exactly Telnet is and how one of the oldest remote access protocols to computers works. We will also tell you how you can activate it in Windows 10, although it is not recommended to use it as it is a protocol that does not have encrypted data, which makes it extremely … Read more

How to take a screenshot on Mac

Screen capture is one of the most convenient tools you have on your computer. You can use them to explain with a single image something that might not be so clear with words (for example, some trick in Photoshop or Microsoft Office), you can also use them to preserve an incriminating message or photo, or simply to keep a … Read more

Everything you need to start hacking a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi audits are the order of the day, it is essential to check the wireless security of our router, since, on many occasions, the Wi-Fi routers of our operators are poorly configured at the factory, and therefore, are vulnerable to different types of attacks. Currently, there are a large number of tools to carry out this … Read more

How to Make Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel at home

Using soap and water is the best (and most traditional) way to keep your hands clean, but sometimes you don’t have a sink within easy reach to wash them. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel is a practical solution to this dilemma, as well as being very easy to make at home. Making this disinfectant gel is not only … Read more

Install APK on Android: How to do it and what are the risks

Today we are going to talk about installing APK files on Android. The APK or Android Application Package is one of the most popular package formats available for Android, and with them, you can install applications in a way similar to how you do it, for example, with the .exe files in Windows. One of the main … Read more

How to detect fraudulent applications on Android

Every time there is a big release, the fake applications appear. t happened with WhatsApp , the rental application , Super Mario Run , Pokémon Go , Apex Legends and many more. The problem is how to detect that an app is fraudulent . In this article we will tell you six clues that you can use to determine if an app is possibly a scam , has malware or … Read more

how to remove pre-installed applications from your Android mobile

Your mobile or tablet comes with a few pre-installed applications. Some of them are mandatory because the manufacturers that want to include Google services commit to including a series of applications, but others come from agreements with third parties or because they thought they would be useful. The problem is that some of these pre-installed applications may not be … Read more

How to use chkdsk in Windows to fix errors in your disk

All modern and not-so-modern Windows versions include their own built-in tools to check the health of our disks and correct errors in them: ” chkdsk ” or error checking tool. If you use Windows 8 or Windows 10, you may never have to use this tool on your own, since in the versions after Windows 7, the … Read more

How to search my iPhone from Android

iOS, like Android, has a powerful tool to find a lost or stolen device. Just access “Search my iPhone” and, if the phone is on, see on a map where it is. But, what happens if we have an iPhone and do not have another iDevicefrom which to access the application? Absolutely nothing, since you can do it without any … Read more

How to know what version of Android I have installed on my mobile

Surely you have ever seen an article type ” WhatsApp will stop working on mobile with Android 2.3.7 ” or that such or such an app “only works on Android 5.1”.  All good, but does it affect you?  To answer that question it is essential to  know what version of Android is currently installed on your mobile , something … Read more

How to make a hard reset to an Android mobile and what to do next

There are many reasons why you have to do a ‘hard reset’ to a smartphone, although the most frequent is that the reason is a critical failure that forces you to do so, although there are other less catastrophic reasons. A ‘hard reset’ is basically a total erasure of everything in the phone except, of course, the operating … Read more