How to EXPAND the internal memory of a cell phone

It is only possible to expand the internal memory of a cell phone that has an external micro SD card . In devices that lack this feature, the only option to have more internal memory available is to free space already used. To increase the internal memory you have to convert the micro SD card into internal storage. In … Read more

What is the screen overlay and how can it be removed?

There are users who have problems with the topic of the screen overlay. If this sounds like Chinese, you’re in luck because it means you’re not having this problem. But today we will see how to get rid of it and go to a better life. But not before telling you what is that of the screen overlay in Android . What … Read more

Tips to charge your Android phone faster

The habits of each user with their Android phone are different. Although, there comes a time when we are going to have to charge our phone . There are times when we want the phone to load as fast as possible, and unless our phone has a fast charge, then we do not have many options. Although there are always … Read more

How to Jailbreak on iPhone / iPad with iOS 12.3.1

The Jailbreak is the path that iPhone users have to skip the limitations that Apple imposes on their devices and to have more control over everything we can do with smartphones. Thanks to the Jailbreak it is possible to customize the operating system completely to our liking: change fonts, app icons, menu colors … Even … Read more