A man dies in Huesca three days after he was touched by the Fat of the Christmas Lottery sambad

Luck and the worst of misfortunes arrived in José Luis Rodrigo López in just three days. Those that passed since he learned that he had touchedthe Gordo de la Lotería until he died in a hospital in Huesca on Christmas day.The well-known merchant from Oscar, 84, was walking on the streets of his city on the 22nd of San Jorge, on the 22nd, when he saw a big uproar in front of a lottery sambad administration. He approached to see what was happening. And he ran into the revelry of the lucky ones of Gordo, who had fallen there. The surprise came when Rodrigo López learned of the winning number, 03347. Just the one he had bought.
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and sold in the warehouses that he ran until 2011 stubs of participations of the Association of Alumni of the San Viator school, where he himself had studied. And since then he maintained the tradition of acquiring that number of the association, which all his friends also bought.

On the same Monday, José Luis Rodrigo López went first to the bank to collect the prize. He had played at least 20 INR lottery sambad, 400,000 INR lottery sambad. At the end of the day, the man felt unwell and was admitted to the emergency department of the San Jorge deHuesca hospital . He died the next morning and his funeral was held this Wednesday.

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The deceased was well known in the city, where he managed, together with his father and his brother, for 60 years, the central stores Rodrigo López, several stores dedicated to the sale of clothing. He was president of the Federation of Commerce of Huesca, member of the board of the Association of commerce of the city and director of the soccer club SD Huesca, He had retired in 2011.