A 15-year-old boy wins lottery samabd first prize: “I’ll see what I buy

Cosmin Rotariu is in shock. He is barely 15 years old and suddenly it has rained thousands of euros. In one of the pockets of his brown corduroy jacket, there is a tenth of Lotería del Niño with the number 37142. He is awarded 200,000 euros. “I am very well. I did not expect. I am half trembling and everything, ”he says in shouts of euphoria at the gates of lottery sambad administration number 271 of the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​where the first prize of the Child Draw has been distributed in full.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with the money. I have no idea. I’ll see what I bought, ”repeated the young man, elated. Of Romanian origin, he arrived with his parents in Barcelona 10 years ago. He lives on the floor in front of the lottery sambad administration.

Minors are prohibited from buying lottery sambad and other games of chance, but their case has an explanation. The kid went with his father on Friday to change a Christmas lottery sambad ticket rewarded with the refund. “We went Cosmin and me to the Administration to choose the number. We wanted a number that looked like my wife’s date of birth and we chose that one at the window because it had several equal numbers, ”says Valeriu Rotariu, the father of the minor. His wife was the one who bought the tenth of the Christmas lottery sambad with the refund, the ticket that father and son later exchanged for one of the tenths of the Child lottery sambad that was awarded.

Cosmin jumps with happiness, shouts and laughs out loud. Although he insists he doesn’t know what to do with the money. “Maybe a new cell phone or invest in a small flat. I have not thought about it. I will buy something for my parents, ”he says. In any case, the young person may not collect the tenth personally because, in the same way, that its sale to minors is prohibited, it must also be an adult who charges it.

For now, Cosmin’s mobile smoke since his friends has seen him live on television. His father, also excited, calms his euphoric son. “I’m very happy. This is to ensure a good future, ”he says. The young man, who is in ESO’s fourth, wants to study industrial engineering.

“Wait, a selfie for my girlfriend to believe it,” jokes Cosmin with the journalists posted at the door of the administration. He takes out his phone and takes pictures with everyone, even with Jordi and Mariángeles, the owners of the administration. “Have you also touched?” Asks the lotteries. Unfortunately not. But they did share luck among their neighbors.