5 tricks to charge the iPhone faster


If you have little time and would like to charge the iPhone faster, you have at your fingertips some tricks to accelerate the battery charge. Take note!

Currently, many Android phones have fast charging technology that allow half the battery to be completed in record time. However, it is not yet available in current iPhone models, although it is expected to arrive integrated in the iPhone 8 .

The smartphone has become an extension of ourselves and battery autonomy has become a concern for many users. For this reason, although you have at your disposal many tips to increase the battery life in iOS , I’m sure you’re interested in knowing some tricks to charge the iPhone’s battery faster.

Unlike some current Android smartphones, the Apple smartphone is not equipped with fast charging technology, which is a disadvantage of the iPhone 7 compared to its direct rivals, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 . It is expected that this circumstance will change in the next iPhone 8 , although until it is presented probably in September we will not have the official confirmation.

Meanwhile, none of the iPhone that is on the market is equipped with fast charging technology, although it is true that there are ways to reduce waiting. If you have little time and would like to charge the iPhone faster, you have at your fingertips some tricks to accelerate the battery charge . Discover them and take notes!


Check the use of the battery

Controlling the details of the consumption of the battery of your iPhone will help you to squeeze the maximum component. In this way, you will be able to know which are the apps that spend the most energy in order to limit their use or close them and not let them run in the background.

To do this, go to Settings, Battery and go to the section Using the battery . Here you will find the percentage of consumption of the different iOS applications and services during the last 24 hours or the last 7 days. Click on the clock icon to see the consumption details , which include time on the screen and time in the background.

On the other hand, having the operating system updated is another factor to take into account both to optimize the performance of the battery and to accelerate the loading time . Make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed from Settings, General, Software Update .


Remove the iPhone case

Do you use a  case to protect your iPhone ? Well done, this way you will avoid damage with the use. Of course, when it comes to charging the device, it is best to remove it if you want the battery to be completed more quickly.

But what does the case have to do with the charging speed of the battery? Although in principle it may seem that the protection does not have to affect, the problem is that when the terminal is connected to the current,  an excess of temperature can be generated  that will negatively affect the load capacity.

Therefore, to ensure that  your iPhone’s battery  is completed in the shortest time, remove the protective case and as far as possible choose a cool place to plug it.


Monitor the temperature

The temperature of the environment in which you find yourself is a factor that influences the charging speed of your iPhone. Whether it is too cold or too high, at both ends you will notice that your device’s battery takes longer than expected to complete.

And what is the right temperature for your mobile phone? According to Apple explains on its official website , the acceptable temperature to use the iPhone is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius.

In case you find yourself in a very cold environment, the range of operation of the battery can be shortened drastically, even going to shut down. On the other hand, if it gets too hot you will see an alert on the screen with the message “Temperature: the iPhone needs to cool down.

For this reason, when plugging in the power to the terminal, make sure that the room is not excessively cold or warm . Also, try not to hit the sun directly on the screen or the body of the smartphone, avoid currents and moisture.


Activate airplane mode

Another of the essential tricks to charge the iPhone’s battery faster is to activate the airplane mode when plugged into the power.

If you wonder why this gesture is beneficial, the answer is very simple: Airplane mode cancels all wireless connections, so WiFi connection, mobile data or Bluetooth is disabled. Thanks to this, the processes of the device are reduced to the minimum, so that the energy consumption is also as light as possible and the loading speed is accelerated. 

Sure you know how to activate the airplane mode on your iPhone , but just in case there is some clueless explain how to do it. It’s very simple: all you have to do is deploy the iOS Control Center by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen up. You will see that it is displayed even from the locked screen. Next, click on the airplane icon in the upper left corner to activate it, and repeat the operation when you want to deactivate it.


Use an iPad charger

One of the best tricks to charge the iPhone faster is to use the official Apple Charger for iPad. Thanks to this, go from the conventional 5W charger to a 12W charger, which means an increase in the loading speed that will surprise you.

Although the charger that comes standard with your iPhone has a lower power, do not worry because you run no risk when using the higher power. If you consult the tab of the 12 W adapter in the official Apple store , you will see that the company explains that its use is indicated for all models of iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Apple Watch.

And how long will it take to charge your mobile’s battery with this option? According to our personal experience, for example, an iPhone 7 Plus  completes 50% of its battery in just over half an hour using the iPad charger, and is completed in less than two hours. On the contrary, using the one that comes standard takes a little more than three hours.