Deluxe PlayStation: covered in eight layers of gold and crocodile skin

The console, which weighs four times more than its ordinary version, is assembled by craftsmen from the Russian company Caviar Royal Gift.

Image Source: Caviar

Russian exclusive high-end accessories brand Caviar Royal Gift recently unveiled its own deluxe version of the PlayStation 5, featuring eight layers of solid gold, gold inserts, and crocodile skin, which will be available starting this year.

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The company, which is characterized by the use of exclusive materials such as gold, precious stones, and genuine leather, announced the sale of the console called ‘golden rock’ through its social networks along with three other premium products that are part of the collection ‘ The Fantastic Four ‘.

The golden PlayStation 5 is assembled by craftsmen from eight sheets cast in solid 18 karat gold that give the console a weight of 20 kilograms. The DualSense controller will also receive gold inserts and will be covered in crocodile skin. “This is a true jewelry masterpiece,” says Caviar on its website.

Several international media assured that the product would be available for around one million dollars. It’s worth remembering that British luxury brand Truly Luxury also unveiled a 24-karat gold-plated PS5 in September.

The PlayStation 5 is available worldwide from November 19, 2020. The digital version was launched at the US $ 399 and a second with a disc player costs the US $ 499. According to specialized portals, such as Engadget, the PS5 promises to achieve a resolution of up to 8K and will include an 825 GB SSD hard drive, whose transfer rates are 5.5 GBps.